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Our Daily Thread for Saturday

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Hello Everyone!

I just got up & am ambling my way around TCS. my girls are sitting in the window sill, looking out at the world. just looking at them makes me smile :flash:

nothing fun planned for today, just stuff like grocery shopping for some reason I feel like spending, spending, spending!!! must resist urge.....no shopping...

I really want to see the movie Shrek. it got wonderful reviews. maybe we'll go today.

have a great saturday everyone!
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Very peaceful around here too! Hubby's been packing (he's going away for a week tomorow ) and I've been working for some hours. Other than that we both spend the day talking and resting.

Thank God for such dull weekends - I love them!
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Ilove spring days...mild breezes and the sky such a pretty china blue.. We are planning to spend the day outside (gardening, mowing lawn, taking out old bushes,planting flowers) basically getting all grubby and taking the time to enjoy it!!! And, yes, we were able to do all of that... Baby was able to enjoy some outdoor time also, as she is the only one of our cats, allowed out. She comes when called and is an older cat, so doesn't go out of our sight. She is such an angel..
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I spent the day at a baseball game! It was a good game but my sons team lost ! I had 5 kids yesterday and 3 today! I am so tired! I had to come here and see what was new before I went to bed !
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