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Car Trip

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I'll be traveling with 2 cats for about a week. On the return trip my husband wants to have dinner with some friends. It might be a couple of hours. I was thinking the I would order my food then sit in the car until it comes, eat my food, and then sit in the car until everyone is done. They are my husband friends so I don't really care about being there while they are catching up. How long can the cats stay in a car alone? For the rest of the trip we will not be leaving the cats alone and will eat in the car whenever we stop.

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As long as they are in their carriers, and it's not too hot or too cold they should be fine. When I took Jordan with me at Thanksgiving my Mom & I stopped for lunch on the way home.
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As long as your cats are comfortable in the car and it's a decent temperature you should be able to stop for dinner. We travel with our cats quite a bit and we stop to eat from time to time. There's never been any issue.
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As long as its not too cold you and the cats should be fine staying in the car. But how are you gonna eat your food without "helpers"?

And maybe agree on a time limit of him eating and chatting with the friends, or else he will be there all night!

You said you don't want to joiin him and the friends, but seems a bit strange for you to be sitting in the car eating while he's in the house. I'd plan on staying at a hotel in the area for the night and have everyone inside - then he can go visit for a few hours and return.
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