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Hungry Kitty

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Hungry is my sabrina she found some grass sticking out of the snow..well...dunno if I could call it grass anymore...

oh what a mean look in this one

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Awww what a little cutie. She's beautiful as always.
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Looks like she's having a satisifying chew Bella always makes the funniest faces when she's having a nosh on the grass...
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Great pictures!
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aww cute!

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Oh my. I wouldn't want to come in between her and her grass. Very cute pic.
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lol, I planted a tub of grass for my cats and between Garfie laying on it and all of them eating it it was demolished in a week.
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she looks very determined in that second pic!
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Great photos, she looks so pretty in contrast with the white snow.
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Sabrina looks like she had fun chewing on that grass! Shes such a pretty girly
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