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Cat Fights

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Help...my kitties are fighting and they won't stop. History: They are brother and sister, 5 years old and they never leave the house. Last Saturday after we got home...they were in a terrible fight. I figured they would get over it in a couple of hours. Well, it is Monday and they still hate each other. They hiss at each other and keep their distance.

They act normal around me. Their attitudes seem happy and pleasant around me. They just hate each other. They don't seem sick or in pain.

Can anyone shed some light on this? What is going on? Relief soon please. I have resorted to the water bottle.

Desperate mom of Pesto and Ruby...colleen
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Hi Colleen-

Are your cats fixed?

First, get rid of the water bottle, it creates more problems than it ever solves. Second, cats fight because of stress, aggression or illness. It could be that as the weather is getting nicer, you are being visited by strays or ferals, who spray outside and the smell is coming in and affecting your cats.

One of the cats could be ill, even if you don't see it and a vet visit might be a good thing to invest in even just for peace of mind.

A new product that I highly recommend made by Farnum Pet Products is Feliway Comfort Zone room mister. It releases a calming agent into the room and helps to soothe the savage beasts. I have been using it now for the first time for a week, and I have seen a noticeable difference in two of my cats who have really never gotten along. It is a bit spendy, but well worth the price in my book.
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Moving this to behavior for you.
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