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How long will it take?

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How long will it take for Squishy to grow back the hair from her belly where they shaved it for her spay surgery? I like her little pink peach fuzzy belly but i miss her beautiful long hair? Its been a month now and it is just now starting to look like it is growing.
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I'm sure it took a good 3 months before it looked normal again on Rosie and Sophie?.
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wow that seems like a really long time. but then its already been a month.. thanks
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It takes a while. Don't be surprised if she gets itchy there too. Raven had his belly shaved for an ultrasound and his back where his tumor was...He always got itchy when the hair got to a certain length. Stimpy also got itchy with his shaved patch--he had a mole removed a couple years ago.
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With spring coming, the coat should come in faster. I think during the fall/summer the coat doesn't grow as fast. I'm guessing by May she probably will have her coat back and look normal
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Firefox was spayed this past fall [october? november?] & hers has all grown back...
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thats cool cause i miss snuggling into her furry soft belly!!!!!
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Originally Posted by hammyandwaf View Post
thats cool cause i miss snuggling into her furry soft belly!!!!!
otoh, i think their little naked bellies are awful cute...
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Mittens was spayed in November. at the time she wasnt mine. she loves having her belly rubbed, & though her hair has grown back, you can still see the spot where it was shaved, bc the new hair isnt as long as the rest.
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her belly is awful cute i kiss it all the time it will grow soon . it is about a half inch long now so thats not too bad
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You guys will find this funny.
That's how I got to keep my kitty. She was a feral/stray
at my parents home and I took her to vet for shots, then
released her back outside at parents and scheduled spay.
After the belly shave, it was in March cold here in OHIO, I picked
her up, and by the way, she was already spayed,they discovered
scar after they but her under and shaved her.I brought her
home to my hubby, oh I can't put this poor kitty out in the cold
she has no hair on her belly.She has been in house ever since.
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