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My pets

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For those that have seen my threads will have noticed that I do have a cat, and have done for about 10-11 months or so now. But I have other animals also, which i bought after Tonic.


Tonic seems interesting in them all and I was just wondering how I'd go about intorducing her to my rats? I get them out each day for an hour or so and them them walk around and play with me. Tonic will sit at the end of the bed and watch, and then usually get bored and walk somewhere else.

Not sure how she would react if I were to let them be near each other, would she attack? Is it a "try and find out" thing or is there a better way of going about it? I did let her near one of the Gerbils and she didn't seem to do much but pat it, which I then stopped as I had to assume she would get those claws out.


That's the mother Gerbil with one of her young. I don't have any images of the other Gerbil at the moment.

Me with Bazil and Ralph.

"Tea" the Tarantula.

So any suggestions as to what I can do? I have heard of these types of pets getting along just fine, other not.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I also have a horse:

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I have cats and rabbits and they get along just fine. Obviously rabbits are a little bigger then your rats, but I don't think there should be much difference. Cats tend to be pretty smart and it doesn't take much for them to realize that another animal is a beloved pet and not prey.

You said that she sits on the end of the bed and watches you, I am assuming that this is in the same room and she could get to the rats if she wanted to? If that's the case, and she is currently pretty much ignoring them, then you have got yourself off to a really good start already. I would just keep letting them meet with you around.

You mentioned she patted the gerbil and you made her stop because you figured the claws would be next, this is not always true though. Trinity will pat Acorn's head right before she starts to groom him. I guess the key to figuring out which is going on is just to watch their interactions closely. You should be able to tell if she is actually about to get her claws out to take a swipe at one of your other animals. If there are now claws, I would let it go and see what she does. It may just be the beginning of an interspecies grooming session and trust me, those are adorable!
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A horse!!!

Tea....oh my.....I don't know!

The rats, yes! I've got two myself. I let my little rats run loose. I did some work with the kitties and they still need some reminders sometimes to "be nice." Water bottles work wonders. Also, it's important they know the rat is "yours" that way they won't kill them. They seem to understand that you don't want your things killed.
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Nice pics! I love Tea and the ratties! I really want a T myself someday.

It sounds like she doesn't have much interest in the rats now anyway.
My two don't try and harm my rats,they do try and play with them,but I make sure that no claws are used (which they like never do anyway).They grew up learning that the rats in this house are not prey! The rats are also not bothered by the cats,but if the cats stick their paws in the cages...well the rats show the cats they do not appreciate that! Hehe...needless to say,the cats no longer stick their paws in the cages!

I had to take this opportunity to show you a few pics of my Benjamin with one of my rats,Rascal! Don't wanna hijack...just wanna show you!

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lovely picture's! your so daring with having a Tarantula, i would of fainted being anywhere near it! (yeh, i don't like spider's! even more so with massive one's)!
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I too have 2 Rats.. and have had Hamsters, Mice and other Rats in the past... But I just take my Rats out and allow them to climb all over my cats... my cats dont really have a reaction. When Jack was younger I use to let him run around my room freely with my male Rat Temps.

Your Pets are awsome looking!! although I dont think I could ever bring myself to owning a Tarantula!
I have yet to own a Gerbil though... I guess I never had an interest in having one. Eh... I prefer Rats anyway! lol
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Hmmm, don't think rats would be a good idea in my house I love your tarantula. I used to have them at one time.
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