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Daily Thread Tues March 18th!

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Gooooooooooooooood Moooooooooooorning!

Only 2 more days and I am off for a mini vacation..OMG

Just heading out to work today, then to my sisters for a visit after work.

Its like 4 degrees here today...I am loving the mild weather

Have a great day folks!!
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Lucky you! I love early weekends!

Right now its 35F and high of 45F...but rain. I want the day we had on Saturday! That was a beautiful spring day!!

The cats are all propped in front of windows: it's windy...later on its suppose to rain.
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Morning!!. It's a short week for me as well because we have the friday and the monday off work for easter

It's still a bit chilly here, but at least theres no snow.

The girl who made my curtains is coming tonight to hang them so i can't wait to get them up
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Make sure you have fun enough for me too - I'm working this easter vacation! Still, it's just a countdown until I see my mum again, so I don't mind

Best Beloved was in at the dentists today to have a tooth removed, so he's feeling a bit sorry for himself atm (it is funny listening to him try to speak with only half a face, but I hide it well ) But it does mean lots of ice-cream for a few days - which I know he's not going to complain about!
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Morning All!!

Mild and looks like rain here. Hope so it will help to get rid of some of this snow.

Not much on the agenda for today, work as usual then just puttering around the house this evening..

I get a holiday for Good Friday as well but then have to work the rest of the weekend

The kitties are totally wacked this morning, the spring weather has really got them wound up..

Everyone have a great day
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its plus 1 today...
and its supposed to be nice...
i'm going to a hockey game tonight i'm the designated photographer.
should be interesting..but its gonna be a long day.
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Good Afternoon!

It's a crazy day today. It's in the high 40's but very chilly & damp.
A major highway is shut down for many the next few days. It's the main route into the city. It normally takes DH 20-30mins to get into work. Today it took him an hour longer than usual. Thankfully he has training later in the morning and arrived on time. Who knows how long it will take everyone to get home tonight.

Hey Nat....time to celebrate EASTER....get that easter siggy out.

Ooo tonight we are having jerk chicken. I am so excited!
Mom has been over doing it lately (cabin fever) so she is in pain again and grumpy.

Well off to another addiction. Have a great day everyone.
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hello all. well, today i did my fortnightly shopping! the cupboard's were looking bare hehe! am going to the cattery tomorrow, to hopefully pay a deposit if i like it
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