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I'm soooo hungry right now I could just pig out on cereal but I can't until after my ultrasound. I'm having one of my tummy at 10 this morning and was instructed on the itinerary not to eat for 10 hours before the examination. My poor belly is turning somersaults here so I can't wait until after this is over
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I hate tests that require that. I had a tilt table test last month that wouldn't let me eat or drink anything for 12 hours - it was more like 13 or 14 hours though.

Good luck later.
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Aww... I would have been snacking in the middle of the night with a 10am appointment. There's NO way I would make it that long in the morning with out eating.
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It's pretty much over now so I'm having soup lol. Hopefully there's nothing wrong though. Over the last few months I've had pain in my upper-right side so my dr wanted to check my gallbladder. I should hear from them on Friday.
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Glad you hear you can eat again!

Hope everything come back ok.
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Everything turned out okay so the doctor believes I've got ulcers, and I believe her. I've been taking prilosec and the pain seems to be getting better. So I guess I won't be needing gallbladder surgery after all, thank goodness! I'm scared of surgery.
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I had gallstones and you definitely do not want those! The pain is excruciating. I finally went to the Dr and 2 days after I was diagnosed, had the surgery. I haven't had that pain since. It was horrible, simply horrible!

Funny thing is, when I had my ultrasound, I was looking at the screen and thought to myself... all those little dots are gallstones! When I went back to my doctor, we already had a surgeon picked out (my DH worked in surgery at the time). The surgeon my doctor recommended was the one that we had picked out.

Glad it is just ulcers
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I'm glad too . If they haven't, ask them to check you for H. Pylori. It is a bacteria that causes stomach ulcers (though I had it and just had really bad stomach aches, no ulcers). I went undiagnosed for years. The treatment is just an acid reducer (like the Prilosec- mine was Prevacid) and an antibiotic, and it comes in a box called a "PrevPac". It was really easy to take, and I feel a 100% better .

I hope you are feeling better soon!
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