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A Rare Moment

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I just had to post this picture of Gus and Yoda scratching together. Its too cool.
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That is a nice cat tree .
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OMG! My cats would absolutely love one of those! Did you make or buy that?
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Great looking Purdy Tats, they look really big! What a good tree, did you make it?
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What cute kitties! I love that cat tree!
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Great Tree!!
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Tandem Scratching! Should send that to Caption This Forum - send it to Anne so she can put it in the contest.
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that is a great tree!

i will have to show my husband this picture -- we were talking about building a play tree for the cats this weekend, but couldn't figure out what it should look like.
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That is an awesome scratching post.
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Very cute! Your kitties look very small in that picture (and adorable! :tounge2: )... might be the size of the tree.
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Sisal Heaven!
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Many people have asked where I got this scratching tree. My wife and I built this one over a weekend in our home shop. It is actually a prototype for a new line of cat furniture our small business has been developing.

If you have the tools, its not too hard to build. The hardest part is wrapping the posts with sisal rope. We used 1/2" thick sisal rope. It took about 250 feet of rope to wrap all six posts.

The (3) lower posts are 3" in diameter and 25" tall.
The large post is 4" in diameter and 45" tall.
The (2) upper posts are 3" in diameter and 30" & 40" tall.

The square bottom is your typical 24" x 24" base, only ours is 1.5" thick and finished with hardwood banding.

The 2nd level base is made out of the same material as the bottom, only we cut it into an "L" shape.

The upper 3 levels/perches are made of edge-glued hardwood pine discs. Two of them are 15" in diameter and one is 18" in diameter.

Our goal is to design a line of premium quality cat trees that will look good in the home AND be something the cats will acutally use. If anyone has any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

Here is another picture.
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what did you use to stick the sisal rope and the carpet to the wood? what kind of wood is used? for both the bases and the posts? that is such a wonderful cat tree - I love it! i have been looking for ideas on what kind of tree to build for my furbabies - if you go into business selling those, you will do well! good luck!
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Cat scratch fever!
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We used a small nail or heavy staple at the start and finish of our posts when wrapping them with sisal rope. They've held up fine and get a lot of use.
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It is a great cat tree.. I always want that one. Actually, i want lots of any kind of cathouse/cat tree etc..
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Originally posted by SystemXpert
I just had to post this picture of Gus and Yoda scratching together. Its too cool.
This is a perfect picture for any advertising you may be doing to sell this furniture!!! Those cat's really love this scratching post!

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