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My furbabies post one

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These are the click-able thumb nails they should enlarge with a single click. . .

Kitty information on text in pic. . . {hopefully}

Me Tame Cats

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Me Feral Baby

Feral kitty first 24 hours - baby doesn't feel very good- hard to believe this kitten was trying to chew and claw for all she as worth about 24- 48 hours before this pis was taken - This was taken New Years Even 2007 {although it was edited and posted in Jan thus the date} .

Hard to believe this is the same cat as shown in pic one - apx 12 weeks have gone by - this is the kitten that has me so smitten - I am soo proud of her progress - from farel scared to look at me end of December to taking over my couch, computer, desk, bed ect . . . for me I was in love at first bite - she stole my heart and doesn't really seem interested in giving it back - Miss Ferocious.

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Awww, they are adorable!
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absolutely so cool!.......Adorables!!!
Thank you so much for share!!!
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Thank you - I love taking pics of my babies - . Fussy can be hard to get a good pic of because he is black and Ferocious her eyes always get caught in the flash. I need to read the how to take good pics of cats I saw some where around here

I think cats are the most beautiful creatures

Looking back at Ferocious's pics when I posted them I am so amazed at how far she has come in such a short time.Hard to believe she just arrived here Dec 30th,2007 so afraid she wouldn't even look at me when I looked at her.

Fussy-Butt is probably why her progress went so well - he is such a social kitty.
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lol, those are some great pictures!!
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great photos..yes black cats can be a challenge..I know..I have 2...
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Great Pictures and Cute Kitties.
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Those are great photos! You have beautiful kitties! Love the captions too
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I the pics of your babies! They are so adorable
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