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Help,I need advice.

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There are four problems that I want to fix or solve with kitty.

*1. scratching on bed and computer chair
I bought her a deluxe scratching post with 2 perches,but I don't see her using it much except to sleep on it. Trying to distract her with a toy isnt as effective as I hoped.

*2. hammering open the closet doors.
I have two closets,but she sometimes tries to pound on the door of the big closet until it opens. I have put a garbage can and my unfolded shopping cart in front of the doors to block her. But that doesn't work as well as I thought it would. I want her to stay out because I keep brooms,mops,and a vacuum cleaner in there.as well as other junk. I don't want her hurting herself.

*3. staying off the stove top.
I used to let her sit there,until somebody explained to me on how dangerous that was. I pick her up and gently put her onto the floor,but she justs jumps up there again. She leaves when I distract with toys.

*4 trying to bite me on my leg
I don't know why she does this,and it scares me that she might be turning vicious. What do I do to stop that?
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i can't help with most of these, but i solved my closet problem with a hook/eye closure. [like you usually see on screen doors]
once they figure out it won't open anymore, they eventually stop messing with it. takes them quite some time to figure that out, but they do - at least mine did!
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I'm sure others will come with better insight then me but for the scratching problem have you tried double sided tape where she likes to scratch?? I swear by it. Use it where she likes to scratch, soon she'll figure out that your cat tree is nice to scratch and everything else isn't. I think it works. Other threads have lots of other ideas including softpaws.

For the stove try putting foil on it when you aren't using it. Cats hate stepping on foil. Again a couple times jumping up with the foil on it should cure that!! (again if desperate try the tape)

Finally I think attacking the leg is wanting to play. Do you have just one kitten? Try a laser pointer, da bird or other really interactive toys that should tire out the kitten. Should help with this as well. I would ignore the cat/kitten when it attacks your leg so it learns that won't stimulate you to give it the attention it wants. Leave it for 15 minutes of so then engage in interactive play!

Good luck!
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