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Feliway Help

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So, we are all moved in to our new apartment Sebastian had a tough time the first night but quickly adjusted.

Daphne is having a more difficult time. The new place, the people around. I never had visitors at the other place because I was embarrassed. Here, family is in and out at least once a day so far. Daphne is so afraid of them She hides and shakes until whoever it is leaves. She tends to hang out in the bedroom with trips to the bathroom to play in the tub.

Today, I purchased the Feliway spray. I know several diffusers would have been a better idea, but that was just too spendy.

Where should I spray the Feliway? Do I spray a bit in every corner of the apartment? Is there any place I should not spray it? They have both been golden about using the litter box so that isn't an issue. Just need to figure out exactly what to do with this stuff to help Daphne feel more at ease in our new home

Also, I caught Seb biting Daphne on the neck last night. Is he trying to show dominance in the new living situtation?

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I would spray it at the level that she would rub to leave her mark. That depends on her built. I am not sure about how many feet you should spray it though. If she is that stressed out have you considered getting one diffuser for the room she spends the most time in?
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Thanks for responding I did think of that, but could only afford one or the other, so chose the spray. I have sprayed it on doorframes and edges of furniture where she would normally go. Is this the right way?
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Yep...though the spray doesn't last as long so you might have to do it every hour or so. I forget but I think it tells you on the can.
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I've not used the Feliway spray so can't help there - but Seb biting Daphne on the neck is just a normal display of dominance and nothing to worry about - at the old place they probably had it sorted out which one of them was boss and at the new place he is establishing his dominance. If that's all you're seeing there is no need to worry about it, my boys pin each other by the neck a lot. It's just an 'I'm in charge here' communication between the cats, a quick pinning down by the scruff then letting go, no skin broken or anything.

Good luck with settling in at your new place
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i didnt use the spray but the diffuser worked wonders for chloe. i could only afford one and fortunately a friend already had a plug (you might try ebay if the spray doesnt work) chloe LIVED in this tiny alcove in the back of the fridge so i plugged her feliway in there and she was out within 2 days (after 10 wks of hiding) so i wish you the best with your kitty!!!
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Thanks all I probably really should have splurged on the diffuser. Daphne is doing a bit better. She has not played fetch at all since we moved She just bats the toy around a bit. She and Seb play together so that is good. Daph still runs and hides if she hears anything outside the door. With one neighbor moving out and another moving in this weekend, she is having a stressful time. Please send some calming vibes if you could
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I would spray the spray every couple of feet pretty much on everything - but NOT near the litter boxes and NOT near anything they're supposed to scratch on. It needs to be repeated every 3 days.

I don't know how long ago you moved, but when we moved from the RV into a house, it took several weeks for one of our kitties to even venture downstairs from upstairs, and probably a month to be completely comfortable.

She'll come around! In the meantime, I'd give her extra attention. If she will play with an interactive toy in the bedroom, I'd give her extra play time - like 15 minutes each morning and evening. This will also help relieve stress.

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Thank you, Laurie This may sound dumb, but why not near scratchers or the litter box? I am not sure exactly how this stuff works. I know about the phermones and what they do, but not sure about anything else. The package doesn't really explain much or I am just dense Luckily, I did not spray near those things - whew!
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I don't know how it works either, but you're right: Feliway is a synthetic hormone that mimics the "friendly" markers in cats' cheeks. It helps to de-stress the environment - but in some instances, by spraying it on furniture you don't want cats to scratch, they stop scratching. The scent that gets left by foot pads when scratching is different - and you don't want to discourage them from scratching where they should be. It also (sometimes) helps kitties that are peeing outside the box by de-stressing the environment. But (for the most part!) kitties don't rub their cheeks on litter boxes - so the idea is to get the scent into the environment, but to avoid "concentrations" of it where it "shouldn't" be (e.g. appropriate scratching areas and appropriate elimination areas).

Sorry I don't have more technical info, but I hope that helps answer your question.

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ah hah! That makes perfect sense - thank you
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Absolutely - the Feliway mimics the scent marker from the facial glands, whereas paw scent from scratching and urine scent markers are different - cats don't pee and scratch in areas that they have marked with their facial scent - using Feliway in these places will discourage kitty from using them appropriately, they will find somewhere else that doesn't smell of facial scent markers to pee and scratch instead

Moving is almost always stressful for cats, I suspect they just need a bit of time. Establishing and sticking to a strict routine for feeding and playing will help them to adjust
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Thanks for the better description!

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FWIW, while I bought my first diffuser at Petsmart, to get an immediate start on using it, I get my 6-pack refills through I think it's around $90 plus shipping, so a lot less expensive. In a perfect world I would have gotten two diffusers, but one seems to have worked in my two bedroom, one level condo (around 1,000) feet.

I keep thinking I can probably stop using the Feliway, but I'm almost afraid to - knock wood, things are going well at my house with my two, and I hate to change anything.
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