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Woman leaves dog to starve in crate..

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Oh, what I wouldn't do for 5 minutes with her & a baseball bat...
This news is a few days old but made me sick when I read about it.
I found a petition against her online, I hope it's not too late.
Poor baby.
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Awww that poor thing. May the dog rest in peace. That woman is a stupid, B. UGGGGGGGG, I'm so mad now.
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I don't know what to say other then she's a heartless

Poor baby
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I sent out both the article and petition website on email! That is just....I don't even have words for how I feel right now! I can't believe someone would be that cruel!
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What a cold hearted

May Ella RIP
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Geez. Horrible.

Someone should lock her in a crate with no food or water.

I sometimes don't understand what goes through people's minds.....
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What a piece of trash!!!! I HATE people like that- we have to deal with sooo many idiots like that on a daily basis at the shelter where i work and what i wouldn't give for a chance to punch the daylights out of them That poor dog, i hope she rests peacefully Some people are horrible
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WHAT A #$%@! I could beat her to a bloody pulp! People like this deserve terrible things to happen to them.

This is the quote from the article that really get's me fired up.

Police added that there was a bag of dry dog food just a few feet from the dog's locked crate.

May she rott in hell.
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how can a person do this?? i just don't understand how humans can be so heartless. why didn't she take the dog to a shelter or abandon her on the street? anything would have been better than to leave her to starve to death...
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Gahhh! What an idiot!!!
What the hell was her excuse? There ARE kennels around that would of took the dog! And to leave food just a few feet away from the crate...what a !!

Poor dog.
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I think her hearing is scheduled for april can bet there will be a ton of protesters there! I'm thinking of being one of them.
There has been an ongoing outcry about it around here, today I read an older issue of Florida Today & the Opinions page was almost entirely devoted to expressions of disgust & ourage, with her picture on top!
I also came across a link for a mySpace page devoted to Ella & am going to visit after this. If you're interested, PM me for the link.
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that woman is lucky i cant get my hands on her! as an animal lover it is very very heartbreaking to hear about someone abandoning their animal, letting it STARVE. i could NEVER EVER do that. i mean gosh i feel bad if i have to feed my babies later than their normal feeding time. & it makes me even more sad to hear it was a German Shepherd. they are my favorite breed of dogs. why couldnt she find somewhere else to live, cuz i kno i would never move somewhere if my cats couldnt go, PERIOD. where i go, my pets go. if that wasnt an option, give it to the shelter, & im sure she would have gotten adopted, GS's are so good, so smart, so loyal. at least maybe have lived the rest of her days out in happiness. bc i dont feel any animal should die that way
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The good news is the petition went far above their goal (which was 1000 signatures). They now have over 1900 signatures! Hopefully this will be taken into account when sentencing comes because the signatures are from all around the world.

May Ella RIP and play happily at RB until someone that loves her takes her over the bridge with them.
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I cannot believe that anyone could be that heartless, but man's inhumanity seems to know no bounds, even to the souls we claim to care about.
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This hits home for me. My second greyhound came from the same circumstance, but the landlord found Tyler (and 3 littermates) in a kennel after being left for about a week or 2. They survived, but Tyler had to go major surgery to correct bone malformities due to the malnutrician he experienced while in that kennel.

Fit the punishment to the crime. Lock her in a crate for a while with no food and water.

Tyler is OTB now and I hope he finds Ella and they have a good romp together!
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