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Norwegian Forest Cat

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Although I am not planning on getting another cat for a year or two I am interested in information on Norwegian Forest Cats..
Researching the breed has given me a great respect for the variety of colors, size and from all reports wonderful personalities they have..,

Some of my main questions include..

Typically how well do they get along with other animals?

Are the oriented to a individual or several people?

How active are they?

How vocal are they?

Are there any special health issue attributed to them?

What is a reasonable price for a pure-breed Forest Cat?

Any other information would be great as well.

Also are there any cattery's in Canada that breed Norwegian Forest Cats, if so web site addresses would really be appreciated..

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Here's some Canada breeders I found


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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Thanks a bunch I will check out those sites
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I am owned by 2 weggies and they are the BEST CATS EVER! Friendliest, most loyal ever. Especially my male. Great with children of any age and want to be involved with family.
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