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Well Buddy will drink water out of the bowl...at least I assume he does like when I'm not not home. But he definitely prefers the faucet. He's up on the sink first thing in the morning...and he doesn't ask me to turn the water on, he DEMANDS I turn it on lol! Its funny, one of my foster kittens Jake has tried to copy Buddy and drink out of the faucet but he doesn't know how to do it right and instead gets water all over his face....
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Welcome to TCS!
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Originally Posted by SportBikeMike View Post
Yeah thats a once in a lifetime pic. It wasn't planned...I just walked in the bathroom and saw them like that, and then ran and grabbed my camera. Fortunately they didn't move and I got the pic.

Regarding Bubba....I don't think I'll ever totally recover. He was the first pet I ever had when I got out on my own. He was kinda grumpy...but still a great pet and friend.
I know what you mean. I only had one cat growing up. I got my dear Metallica when I was 4 years old and she just died a year ago now. She was 16 years old and my dearest friend. I also lost her to CRF. I still want to cry thinking about her. I was so glad I had TCS though.....

I'm so sorry about your dear Bubba. There is a "rainbow bridge" forum that you can write about your kitty and put pictures up. It was a great healing process for me. It took me about 6 months to do it, but it was nice to get it out and share her story.
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Awww they are adorable

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Hi and welcome to TCS! We are so glad you have joined us!

If I can help you with any questions you have about the site, please click on my username and send me a message.
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