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New England?

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I want to take Jess somewhere for her birthday, which is April 3rd. She's got the following weekend off. We can travel on Friday and possibly stay through Monday (back before 4pm), but we'd probably want to leave Sunday. So that's a 2-night stay.

We're in the Hudson Valley, NY. I'm looking for a cute, quiet, romantic B&B-type place somewhere in New England... preferably MA or CT. VT is also a possibility, and of course NY. I think NH is a little too far for a weekend, as is RI.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Like I said... quiet, romantic, cute, with something to do in the town/surrounding area, indoors or out (if we have good weather.) Not terribly expensive, but I'll spring for it if it's someplace really cool.

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Hmmm... Out of all those places, the only thing I could suggest is Killington, VT. It's the only place that comes to find for me, and I lived up there for 4 years for college. It's beautiful this time of the year with the covered mountains. It might be a little expensive because of the time of year, but you might be able to find something in your price range. Also, Rutland is within half an hour of Killington and there's shops and stores, especially in the downtown area. You can do tons of googling to find area attractions and stores and such to see if you'd like something in that area.
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