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Our Weekend..

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I had been feeling not great. Felt like I was coming down with a bug so I cancelled most of my plans and just took it easy.

Nikita did run around a fair bit after Da Bird and a laser pointer

and she can pose with the best of them

But mostly we just took it easy on the sofa. She's got her paw on my foot under the blanket there.

I'm feeling a lot better now so the cat therapy worked
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Nothing better than cat therapy
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Gorgeous pictures!
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Nice of Nakita to make you feel better. One of our boys, Titan, spent every night in bed with me under the covers when I was sick with bronchitis for more than 2 weeks.
He never does that when I'm well. They know when we need their help.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Nothing better than cat therapy
Exactly! Love is the purrfect medicine!
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gorgeous picture's!
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So glad you are feeling better! Nikita can do it all: world-famous athlete, model AND a nurse She is lovely
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