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What do you think?

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I recently bought a book about Supernatural forces and it deals with such things as Poltergeists and Vampires and the like. I was curious what you all think on the existance of such things. I personally have had encounters with a 'ghost' (for lack of a more appropriate term) so am completely convinced of their existance. I have used ouija boards before with a lot of success (by myself- so it wasn't somone else moving the pointer) so am convinced there is something to that as well. I read a lot of Anne Rice books and am caught up in the whole romantic notion of vampires, but I'm not too convinced of their existance- maybe they used to at some point?

Anyways, just wondering what your thoughts on it are
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I like to think that all things mythical and fantastic are based in reality somewhere. Most stories you can trace back to somewhere, and see possibly where they started or at least where the idea grew from, as for ghosts. I think they are out there. Vampires, I don't know. I, like Mulder, want to believe .
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Thats exactly what I was trying to say in my roundabout way. I too believe that most of these things were based in truth at some point. I wonder though- if vampires DO exist are they like Anne Rice's vampires-poetic and charming, or are they like the Buffy the Vampire Slayer vamps- evil bloodlusters :laughing:

I'm going to try to finish off that book tonight, its very intriguing.
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I don't know. I do know that I like both Anne Rice's world as well as Joss Whedon's world.

I think Anne Rice paints a pretty almost loving picture of vampires, complex and beautiful.

Joss whedon take a bit more of a campy look at the whole idea, but if you look his vampires have depth of feeling and feel things such as hurt and loss.

I think they wind up in different places, but the vampires in both worlds really come from the same place.
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Good point- I mean, look at poor Spike in this season of Buffy :tounge2: He's one hurting fella.

I often think about things like this- i refuse to believe the universe is black and white, and while I may not be as down to earth as some people, my daydream world is never dull
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There was a real Dracula, but he was royalty, not a blood sucker--perhaps a cruel man. I have heard that the legend comes from the people who have Lupus. They are pale and very sensitive to the sun. I have known people with Lupus; it's very debilitating. What a shame that people once thought these ill people were evil.

When people died who were suspected of being vampires, others often put a stake through the chest of the dead body. The resultant sound from the body convinced the superstitious people of the Middle Ages that the person was not really dead. Actually, this would happen to any person who recently died.

I too have seen a ouija board work. I would caution you against using one. There are things we don't understand, but I believe they are best left alone until we do understand. I have a hunch it's electrical impulses that cause the movement-the same with pendulums that swing. And I know what you mean about knowing what you experienced. Nevertheless, just in case those who deal in exorcisms are right, I'd get rid of the ouija. Just my opinion. Right now, it's one of those things beyond our scientific understanding.

The Historical Dracula
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I know what you mean, but its the impulsive side of me that attracts me directly to the things we don't understand

I have had a couple of very creepy ouija experiences that caused me to set the board aside for a while. I once spoke with a 'spirit' named Adam who told me his mother murdered him. I told him i didn't want to talk about that with him and he started cursing at me and I couldn't break the connection with him, not even by lifting my hands from the board. As soon as I put them back, there he was. Very scary. Are ouija spirits supposedly demonic in nature? I admit to dabbling with it without reading up first.

I had never heard that basis for vampirism before, very interesting. Its funny how ignorance can breed such things.
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I have heard that, Melissa. My own religious beliefs caused me to stay away from the occult-not as much from fear, but from love. However, I would not want to be deliberately disobedient and expect God to step in. I think many of us have been curious, and have since made a decision, one way or another. Please know that these decisions are personal ones. BTW, I added some info and a link for you.
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Thanks for the link Jeanie I love to read that kind of stuff. I'm one of those 'need to know' kind of people.
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This really gives me the "creeps " . So I choose not to believe in it ...
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Actually, the vampire legends stem from people, with porphyria. The disease causes pallor, sensitivity to light and weird cravings, including blood, dirt and other unusual items.

As for ghosts, I have yet to see anything, that did not have a rational, scientific explanation. Never messed with an ouija board - some of my Pentecostal upbringing, there. As a child, I witnessed a few "exorcisms", at church. Looking back, I realized that it was usually performed, on a trampy teenaged girl, at the behest of her mother and carried out, by the preacher and older men of the church.

Alien life forms are another thing. With all of the galaxies, in the universe, it is statistically improbable, that Earth is the ONLY planet with life on it. Whether or not that life resembles ours or has the intelligence and technology to get here is iffy. It seems to me that, if "they" are intelligent enough, to find us then "they" would be intelligent enough to make their presence known to world leaders and share their technology and learn about us. I certainly don't believe that an intelligent life form would be picking up redneck goobers and sticking probes into their body orifices.
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I, too, have had dealings with the Ouija although I didn't get into it like some of my friends. They got the bejeebers scared out of them on more than one occasion. I don't know if they are "demonic" spirits, but they do lie and at the very least they aren't "good" spirits IMO.

As for vampires, goodness I could write a book about that. Actually, I have considered doing just that. I've read about every non-fiction account I could find and there are some very interesting theories out there. First and foremost was that people didn't understand the process of decomposition or how illnesses spread, so when they dug up the first one to die from whatever illness they found the telltale signs of a vampire: blood at the lips, ruddy complexion, new fingernails and skin, etc. Along with the theory of Lupus being a real disease that could be mistaken for vampirism, there is also porphyria which is a blood disease. Porphyria makes one very sensitive to light, pale, sunken features, and since the blood is affected people with this disease often have a "craving" to consume blood (just as one might have a craving to eat dirt when lacking iron). Porphyria is very rare, though, and can't account for all the historical cases of vampirism.

The thing I find most intersting about vampire lore is that every ancient culture has a vampire-like being in their mythology. Some were hideous monsters like you see in Buffy and the campy films and books, others passed as humans like you see in the Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Bright books.

Can ya tell you hit on one of my pet topics?
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Yeah thats why I spend time thinking about the whole Vampire thing, there are so many accounts from different cultures throughout history.

I've never read anything by Poppy Z. Bright , do you recommend her books seeing as how I'm an Anne Rice fan? :vampireL:
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This thread is interesting reading!!

I am on the fence when it comes to paranormal activity. Close family members and friends had past experiences with paranormal that even I can't explain. Until I experience something, I'm not going to say it does or doesn't exist. I try to keep an open mind and am very interested in most of these related subjects.

I have read about the Ouija board 'experiences' and know that I wouldn't want to mess with it. Don't play with fire unless your willing to get burnt.

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Melissa, I would HIGHLY recommend Poppy Z. Bright. She is incredible. Her books rank right up there with Anne Rice as far as I'm concerned. The only problem with her is that she only has 1 vampire book and it leaves you wanting more! Her other books are just as good though. The only word of warning is she takes the androgynous eroticism to a whole 'nother level.
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Ummmm I beleive in ghosts, spirits, poltergeists and the like. I don't think there are actual Vamps.
I also think that Ouja boards can be VERY dangerous, especially if you're doing it by yourself... I wouldn't do that if I were you.
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Well, I was told that, but I always wondered why. I mean, as far as I knew, once you took your hands off the pointer, the connection is supposed to be broken. I was told by someone that the danger in using a Ouija alone is that it can be mesmerizing and you can be on there for very long periods of time and not realize it. What have you heard about them? C'mon, spill it....
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I'm not sure about vampires, I'd like to think there are vampires out there but who knows. aliens? Well, I think that we aren't alone in the universe. I think that someone put us here we just didn't pop into existance one day. ghosts? yes I truely believe in ghosts, we have one (or more) where I work. it's unnerving working late at night sometimes and having things suddenly drop onto the floor for no reason at all. or for example one day early in the am I eas working and saw out of the corner of my eye what I thought was one of my co workers so I thought I'd be devious and go around and scare him, well I quietly go around only to find out that there isn't anyone there. that spooked me to say the least let me tell you. then another occassion(just to show you I'm not truely nuts) another coworker and I were working late one night and we both were chatting in the back room(this was 2 hours after we had locked the store)and we both distinctly heard "HEY!" coming from up front, so we both stopped, looked at each other cautiously went up front and there was no one there. needless to say, we quickly finished up and left for the night.
Long John Silvers is a spooky place to be sometimes let me tell you..
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i believe in paranormal activity. from what i am exposed to at work, i have come to believe that demons take on many forms and can sometimes even imitate "good" experiences. (if anyone has seen the show miracles, i think it hits some points dead on.) as for vampires, i know Vlad Tepes (sp?) was a very evil man. are there real vampires? i don't know. i have a hard time reconciling the idea of "good" ghosts with what i hear about every day, but i am not going to argue against it either. guess i really didn't offer an opinion, did i?

i loved anne rice's books. they are beautifully written. i love her explanation of how vampires came to exist.
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When I was growing up my friends and I would sometimes play with a Ouja Board. We were too young to know anything about the occult, and we weren't trying to contact spirits, we were only asking questions. If the pointer started going to letters and numbers that we thought were wrong, we would just take our hands off. There was always an adult around to supervise what we were doing, and nothing bad ever happened.

Melissa, your post about the spirit or whatever it was that called itself Adam is really scary!!!!!
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Yeah I was pretty creeped out by that experience- I don't think I've used the ouija alone since then, actually.

I've been fascinated with the whole idea of ghosts and things for many years, since experiencing a few weird things at my Grandmothers 'haunted' house as a child. There were times when the door to the kitchen would swing open on its own (not the wind because there was a porch)and the dog would start snarling and snapping at something apparently only he could see- very unnerving

This brings me to another question- do you believe that animals can see spirits/entities that we can't? The whole thing with my grandma's dog and stories I've heard have convinced me they can. A friend of mine lives in a big old house that is known for being haunted and she'l occasionally hear footsteps on the stairs and her cats will stare in that direction and start hissing and backing away.
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