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Clicker training cats?

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I have a training clicker, and I want to try and train the stray cats outside to come when I use the clicker. Both for feeding time so hopefully they'll all come around at once, or if I can get them to come on cue for lets say when i'm outside and want to brush them.

Trouble is I dont know how to start training them, with all the distractions and noises outside, and since they can leave whenever they please. Most of them come when I pour the food for breakfast, but after that I dont see them as often, so if im giving them special treats some miss out because they are not around when im offering the treats, and leaving the treats outside means it wont be there very long.

Where do I begin?
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I don't really know much about clicker training, but I would just start by saying "come here" or something and clicking while putting out the morning breakfast. Andy maybe putting the morning food out in bowl in increments clicking every time you put more down. I think that would probably work, just as long as they associate the clicking sound w/ getting food.
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you can always check out this site:

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I think it would be difficult to train outdoor strays, especially a group of them as usually training is a focused one on one.

If you gave out the treats at the same time each day I'm sure they'd figure it out.
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No idea, but Chloe is trained to come when my SO whistles (because she almost always gets a treat when she does).
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one of our out door cats is now clicker trained and comes running like a
horse lol every time i click it.

the way you clicker train any animals is every time that animal is near you
and you are putting out food for them you keep clicking your clicker.

over time they relate that clicking noise to FOODS OUT !!!!

but in the beginning the cat has to be in the yard while you are putting
the food in the dishes so he/she can hear you clicking away. make lots
and lots of clicking noises while you are putting the food out.

then one day after doing this every day for about a week or two you will
go outside and start clicking your clicker and you will see within a minute
or two of constantly clicking your clicker, depending how far away they are
and if they can hear it, they will come running.

its so cool to watch !!

good luck !
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