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Vibes request for Zoe and her humans

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A co-worker was telling me this morning about her roommate's cat, Zoe, who is 13 or 14 years old, and has some chronic health problems. She wasn't sure precisely what, but she's being monitored and on medication. Seems Zoe's been having intestinal problems in the last few days, and not eating well, which means she's also not getting her meds.

Well, Zoe slipped out of the house on Saturday -- something she does from time to time, and can be gone over night, but is back the next day. Not this time, though. And given the health issues and her age, her humans [E A and K] are afraid that she may have gone to find a place for her final sleep.

If you have a few spare would you send them for Zoe to come home, please? thanks.
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Tons of for Zoe and her family - they must be frantic!
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Sending loads of and to Zoe and her family
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Sending lots of vibes for Zoe and her family!
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Oh poor Zoe... go on home, sweetheart, let your family take care of you.
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It is impossible to imagine how Zoe's family is feeling right now.
Hopefully the powerful TCS vibes well help return her to her loving family

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Lot's of vibes for Zoe and her Meowmy and Daddy
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Oh no, why do kitties do that? Sending good thoughts and prayers for Zoe and her family!
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Thanks for all the good wishes, folks. I will of course be checking with A in the morning for any news...
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Awwww i hope Zoe turns up for them Fran Lots of come home heading over
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Sad news. I'll keep Zoe and her family in my thoughts and prayers.
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Zoe is home.

K saw her in the garden yesterday afternoon, and brought her in. She's still under the weather, and not eating well. E (her meowmy) is reluctant to take her to the vet, since she was just there a couple of days before she started the intesinal problems, and she doesn't deal well with it at the best of times. I asked A (my co-worker) whether the vet might be willing to come to the house. She wasn't aware that vets would do that, but said if any vet would, Zoe's probably would. So, they're keeping an eye on her (when she's not hiding) and A will suggest that to E.

Thanks for keeping Zoe in your thoughts.
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What a relief that Zoe is home safe and sound. Sending lots of vibes that she feels better soon.
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That's good that she came back.. here's some that she gets well quickly.
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I'm so glad she's safe and warm back home! I hope she feels better soon.
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I'm glad to hear she's home! that she's soon restored to good health.
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And the TCS continue to do their job, it seems.

A reported this morning that Zoe seems to be pretty much back to her normal self. The other day she was being pressing and persistent about the cheese that A was shredding, and wolfed a taste down so eagerly that A immediately called E to let her know that Zoe seemed to be back on her feed. She's been taking her usual food (including meds) without comment ever since.

So, once again, thanks for keeping the little one in your thoughts. Everybody is happy now.
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Awww, I love happy endings!
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What a trouper Zoe is!
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Way to go Zoe.
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