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exotic shorthair breed

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hello all!
well, it's been a while since i have been back to this site. i first enjoyed this site when trying to decide between getting a birman or a ragdoll. i finally made a decision and went with the birman, and he is seriously the love of my life. he could not have more personality. although i could really really do without him eating enormous holes in all of my sweaters, especially anything with an ounce of cashmere in it. but other than that he, Eskimo, is a nonstop source of love and entertainment.
and now i am back to get help with my next deliberation. i am interested in obtaining an exotic shorthair, but know very little about the breed. i know they must come with some health concerns, but i want to know ALL OF THEM. Eskimo requires very little in terms of maintenance, and i kind of like that. so if anyone has any information on the Exotic Shorthair breeds, in terms of health, personalities, how they get along with other cats, and good breeders(and any in Texas would be great) i would love to hear from you. I am leaning towards the colorpointed exotics, so any info would be sooooo helpful.
thank you and look forward to hearing back!
wantacat or(want-another-cat)
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If I am correct the April Issue of Cat Fancy is dedicated to Exotic Shorthair cats. Give it a look.

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Also wantacat?

I would strongly like to suggest you take Eskimo in and have a blood panel drawn on him. Eating something else other than cat food is known as Pica and can be the result of an imbalance in your cat. A vet can help you straighten that right out.
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I am getting an Exotic Shorthair kitten in April. I have done allot of reading about the breed from sources on the internet. The ASPCA has a great book out about all breeds of cats. They explain allot about the medical history that comes with the breed, it's personality, and any special care that the breed needs. I found my breeder by searching for Exotic Shorthair Cat Breeders in Wa. I found a breeder about 4 hours away. Good Luck!
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