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Aarggg !!!

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Too many threads....can't keep up....*pant* *pant*....people stop posting and go pet your cats!!

From now on everyone is limited to posting only one thread a week!! I barely have any time to visit the other forums besides the Lounge!

(I know, feeble attempt but I had to try something!)

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LOL Lizza

well, i think it will be tough not to post more than one thread.......

too bad
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kass, i think you need a nice rest. i will be happy to babysit nakita for a week or two while you recover, i mean, rest.
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I know...I'm computer-free for a weekend, and I have three PAGES of threads to catch up on. Although aren't we adding to the problem with this thread
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I heard Nakita was toilet trained....... You should have tons of extrat time now!
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That looks like a clone of an evil Nakita!!! And who would take a pic of such a private moment. Cameras are everywhere!!

(Kiwi, I'm not Lizza....!)

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Originally posted by Russian Blue

(Kiwi, I'm not Lizza....!)

I posted and then deleted it..... Kelley was responding to my deleted photo!
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Kass, I know how you feel. I was away from the board for about 2 weeks, and trying to catch up was insane! It took me at least a full week to get through everything... and that's reading posts for HOURS each day until I got caught up. Buncha chatterboxes!
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I can't keep up - it is driving me insane! I apologize to anyone whose threads I haven't posted to, but I am beyond busy at work. I need 2 of me to catch up with our backlog (see what happens when another department borrows me!). After this week, things should get a little less hectic.
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