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Dills Kitten Update

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Sorry I havent been around to update the last week has been hecktic, we had a hockey tournament and I have been swamped with school work and keeping my 3 year old from climbing the baby gate to get to the kittens...

The kittens are all doing very well, they are getting more mobile and eating like there is no tomorrow.....They will be 1 week tomorrow and I cannot wait until their eyes open...Dill is a fantastic mommy and She has never seemed so relaxed and happy( its amazing what kids do to you) I am 100% now that we have 3 boys and one girl and I plan on taking more pictures with my web cam soon, I just dont want to make Dill angry and have her move them on me so Im letting it be for now. I went away from the weekend and came back yesterday and I swear the kittens are twice as big as they were when I left, soon I think that their box isnt going to be big enough for them.

As soon as I can I will post more pictures, and If anyone wants to know their exact coloring Ill let you know I just cant type anymore right now Ive been doing it all
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I know what you mean - they grow overnite

But lets just see how "accurate" you are on the colors
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I'm glad to hear that they are doing well! They really do seem to grow overnight... before you know it they'll be running around and playing and getting into everything!
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YEY I'm so glad everything is going well!
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I'm glad they are doing well. It's funny that you have 3 boys and a girl because I have 3 girls and a boy. I can't wait to see more pics of them.
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Thats wonderfull!! I cant wait to see more pictures!!
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Originally Posted by DillPickles View Post
LOL....We are thinking about naming our kittens, ketchup, ruffles, sour cream, and onions...LMAO......that was a sugestion from Dills previous owner
Cute ideas! How 'bout?


I love naming kitties

Glad their doing so well - cant wait for the updated pictures! I know they do grow fast.
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Today kitten #3 opened his eyes, hehehe and #1 the baby girl her eyes have started to open as well.....Boy #2 doesnt even look close and boy#4's are also still looking really for colours technical terms DONT KNOW.....nor do I care female is a grey tabby thats all there is too it, a light grey with medium grey stripes.....Baby #2 is way way way darker, he is almost black on the top and his stripes...#3 is a medium grey with darker grey stripes and my FAVORITE #4 I wanna call him gizmo....has grey on grey again BUT his face has cream/orange in it...not alot but its there....I cant wait to find that damn memory stick so you guys can see better pictures of them....
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Without the pictures I'll do a little guessing on some of them

Your "grey" tabbys should be called blue tabbys

I'd have to see a good picture of Gizmo cause he sounds like a solid blue (not grey) - its iffy on the cream on his face - that may not be correct. If Gizmo is a male, then he's blue. If a female, then it could be a blue cream but only if there is other cream patches - not just on the face.

Try to get some nice pictures of sides/front of the kittens and I'll help you on the correct colors
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Any update on Dill's little pickles?
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