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I hope she gets to come home soon. I bet you miss her alot.
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Great news! Hope she gets well soon!
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that is great news! hope she is back home soon where she belongs.
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Another update! Bobber is home! She threw up some of the food they gave her last night though. They said that it couldn't hurt to let her come home. I have her meds, antibiotic and potassium supplements. They said hopefully her coming home will boost her up a little bit more and if not, at least she was able to be in a familure place and be home before she goes.

I think she is acting so much better! She was purring again, she rolled on her side so I could rub her belly!!! (yesterday she just lifted her leg), she walked around, she STRETHCED SO BIG!!! and she shook her head, like loosening up her fur on her face. I have not seen her stretch for so long!

When we first got home, she hid, she is in my bedroom all alone. I put out some food and water (she has been drinking a little on her own) and she has her own litter box. She isn't hiding anymore!!! She is layin on one of my suitcases (she loves suitcases).

THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! PLEASE KEEP THE VIBES AND PRAYERS coming! we are not out of the woods yet!!!! Many prayers to others who need it too!
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I am glad she is Home and hope she keeps getting better.
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I'm so glad that Bobber is home.
I hope she continues to improve.
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I'm glad she's home!

My cats love suitcases too for some reason.
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I'm so happy she's home! I'll keep thinking good thoughts for Bobber!

From a fellow 23-year-old cat lady... not crazy yet, but working my way there
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I am so glad that your Bobber is home and doing better. Continued prayers for her!
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Go Bobber!!!
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So glad to hear this. I hope she keeps fighting and rewards your faith in her with a long life.
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YAY. Bobber cleaned herself and just started doing it more right now! She also wanted in the tub to drink, that is her favorite drinking spot. She slept in the living room with me and my other babies. She still hasn't really eaten, but drinking and urinating are still consistant. I got some kitten formula today, I am going to use a dropper and make her drink some. I really need her to eat, wondering if maybe it is the antibiotics. It does have something printed on the bottom of one of my receipts stating it can cause upset stomachs and whatnot. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOo much to everyone that prayed for her, supported us through this, and just cared!!!!! She still isn't out of the woods of course, but I personally think she is going to pull through just fine. I will continue to update you all, probably not as often since she is getting better but definately updates with major things.

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wow, great report! we know they're feeling better when they start grooming themselves!
she may lap the KMR on her own - my adults [well, everyone but Pixel ] thought it was delicious when Firefox was getting it!
i have a powdered food called Carnivore Care that i bought quite some time ago. you mix it with water for force feeding to non-eaters. got it 'just in case' but have not had to use it yet [knock on wood!].
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I'm glad that Bobber is feeling better!
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Glad to hear that Bobber is doing better. Please keep us updated.
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awwww, she looks comfy!
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I'm so happy that your sweet girl is home with you. What a great Easter present! You both continue to be in my prayers. Please keep us updated on her progress. Hugs to you both!!!

Edit: She is really a beauty! She looks like she's very happy to be home, and comfortable in familiar surroundings...
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She is a Nice looking Cat.
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I'm very happy Bobber has bounced back and is home with you!
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That's wonderful news.
I'm so happy that Bobber is home.
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Bobber ate on her own just now, more then she usually nibbles on. She only takes a few licks of food, hardly anything, but today I got her to eat some Beef with Beef gravy baby food. I had a little bit of kitten formula in it. This weekend I have been giving her formula and water through a dropper. She is still drinking on her own, BUT she tolerates the dropper very well when it isn't medicine. She is still on the antibiotic, though it is almost gone, and on the potassium supplement. I know she is a little bit dehydrated. I called the vet that saw her to see if they could see her today, but they were busy all day and I would have to drop her off and stuff, didn't really want to do that since she is doing well and I had to borrow money to clear all the checks. I would bring her to my normal vet, but they don't accept credit at all and I really would just be doing it for a just in case. Do you think I should have her seen???
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I talked to the vet again and I am bringing her back in tomorrow. They are going to give her a look over, hopefully check her levels, and take off her bandage on that infected foot. I think without the bandage she should be able to walk better and we can see how it is healing. She is my miracle baby X 2!!!!!! Thank God and Thank you all!!!!

Many thoughts and prayers go out to all those who need them!!
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Oh my goodness! I'm glad she's doing better. I was reading through and starting to cry for you! My girl Metallica stopped eating and died within 24 hours. I'm SOOOO glad your baby is ok. I hope she continues to do well

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Bobbers isn't doing as well. I noticed this afternoon around 3:15 that her breathing was a lot heavier. I called the vet she has been going to and in the end they decided to refer me out to a bigger vet. It is 45 minutes away and they are seeing her in the morning first thing. I took her to my regular vet and they said it sounds like she has fluid in her lungs (or they think she has it but can't tell through just listening?? i have no idea) and her heart isn't beating in a rhythmical pattern. It wasn't too off, but it was consistent. They were confused how a cat so dehydrated (she has continued to drink a bit of water and I have been giving her fluids through a dropper multiple times a day multiple droppers full) but still have fluid in her lungs. I do not think I got any in her lungs while feeding/drinking her, she never coughed. Please send more vibes and many prayers! Thanks.
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you got 'em! & on the way!
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she is acting the way she did that saturday when i took her in the first time. her puplies have started dialating the same too. her breathing has gotten worse, but she seemed intested in some tuna, i went to make her a plate and when i got back she didnt want it, i should have just gave it to her right off the lid. i have her out with my other cats, but i am able to get her some fresh air, but i think she is under stress out here. she seems pretty pissed off atm, though i know she doesnt feel good. the room i have had her in kinda gets stuffy, so i usually dont leave her for too long in there. sorry im losing it a little. i love her so damn much and i really really thought she was going to be just fine since it has been so long and she has been improving every day! oh prayers and faith and more prayers!!!
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You both are in my prayers. Please keep us posted!
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I'm very sorry that Bobber isn't doing well again. I hope she can rebound again.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Bobber isn't doing well.
Sending and Prayers for you and for Bobber.
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