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Just a few silly pics!

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This weekend was a very silly weekend. Our two furbabies were just wild for some odd reason! And I finally figured out why the new Photobucket wasn't working for me thanks to their Tech Support. They're giving everyone an option now to either use their new or old version of editing in the upcoming week.

Look who I found in the closet!

Now I know why that no matter how much I wash them, there's still fur in my towels!

It's a kitty condo!

Fwoomp! Gotcha! Pwned!

And some loving from Meowmy! He didn't actually kiss, just sniffed. He was playing with my hair earlier!
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Cats are so silly & cute! Looks like your kitties were having lots of fun!
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They are cute.. it looks like they had a busy weekend
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Very cute pictures!
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They are cute pics, I was gonna say cats need loads of stimulation, but then thinking about it all animals need stimulation.
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Very sweet pictures
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lol so cute and gorgeous
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Great pics
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aww! cute picture's!
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