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For awhile now, my 5-yr old, Joshua has said that he wants to name one of the kittens Lucky.

Maybe he had some sort of intuition.

Twix had me up all night digging in each one of her boxes and in her litter. If it wasnt digging sounds it was licking sounds.

She hasnt touched her food this morning (she goes over and sniffs it, but that's it) and she sits by my bedroom door in an attempt to escape my room.

Also yesterday when I pet her, I noticed her highest nipples (the ones up by her front legs) were full. As I type, she has started meowing and checking out her boxes again.

So if today isnt the day, I expect them tonight.


With today being St Paddy's Day, the kids and I have decided to come up with a list of the most fitting [temp] names

So far we have:


of course we have to narrow that down, or maybe add to it as we think of more ideas But something to keep me occupied while I anxiously wait
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Well if you have a red or cream one, a good name would be PotOGold (Goldy or Paddy as the nickname)
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Well if you have a red or cream one, a good name would be PotOGold (Goldy or Paddy as the nickname)
Oh that's a good one! And Twix is a tortie with white, so it is very possible to get a red. And heaven help my husband if she is a carrier of the dilute gene, because I have always wanted a cream kitten.

It's very hard watching all the fosters leave, but even harder when there is one you fall head over heals with

Thanks for the suggestion! Cute idea!!
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I don't know if I've seen Twix's pic. Have you posted it? My cat, Pennie, is on the verge of birthing, too. In fact, right now she is under my desk in her box, with me rubbing her with my foot. She's preparing!! It's so exciting, isn't it? And, I'm with you on the cream baby thing!! Of course, I don't know how I'm going to give any away!
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Her picture is in the "preggo belly" thread. She's the very big tortie w/ white girl.
I was akmost positive today was the day, by the way she's been acting.

In the last 1/2 hour or so she wont let me leave her side. For a foster cat I am always surprised when they are clingy. The last tiem I got up to go across the room she jumped out and followed me, mewing the whole time. I can see the amniotic sac emerging now, so I have planted myself in front of her box of choice and am here for the long haul now I guess.

Hope yours is soon to follow!
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It is!

She's lying in her box, meowing as she adjusts positions.
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