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ok..what is salem doing?

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he runs around at full speed sometimes.
but yesterday he ran ...
and jumped on 2 chairs (one that I was sitting on) then to the window...(there's pigeons on my house)..and he had his mouth wide open and made a noise...
kinda like *haaaaaaaa*...ok hard to type what it sounds like...
but then jumped down to the floor ..then back to the chair I was on..sat behind me..opened his mouth made that noise again..and put his paw on my shoulder...
what could that be?
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blimey! i have no idea other than he can hear the pigeons and it's winding him up maybe?
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He's just being silly. He wants the pigeons and he wants to run and play. I've heard my Sho make weird barking growl type noises with riled up one day, this from a cat that normally makes no noise.
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Our cats make that noise all the time while looking at birds We call it a kitty chirp, our cats will get all excited, open their mouths & then they make that neat noise Its a cute noise
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Once Joji woke me up early in the morning by making those funny noises you mentioned while looking out the window where a sparrow was perching on the tree by my room. Suddenly Joji just ran around the room, jumping on the bed (and on my chest), on the dresser... I opened the door thinking she wanted out but she didn't. She went back to the window and stared at the bird until it flew away. Then she went back to my bed to sleep.
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ahh gotcha...
ok..well thats good news...
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