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Devon rex

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I think Devon rexxs are the cutest cats one earth! But I don't know any thing about them Does any one here have experience with them?

Wonderig about
1. afection level
2.activity level
3atention level
4 lap cat capibillities
and grooming needs
Thanks in advance!
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1. They're very, very affectionate.
2. They're very active cats. On a scale from 1 to 5 they're a 5.
3. They need a lot of attention. They're very social cats and don't do well being left alone a lot.

They always wanna be where you are: in the kitchen when you cook (watching from the shoulder is fun), in the shower etc.

If you have more than one Devon Rex you need a big lap because they're all going to wanna be there.
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Never had one, but those I have met have been affectionate little monkeys full of mischief and naughtiness, if you like a cat to be lively and entertaining as well as loving then I would say they are a good choice
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I've never had one but the breeder I bought Mosi from had a devon rex male, and described him as a "lunatic" They are the clowns of the cat world, from what I've read, and very active.
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I had cornish rexes (cousins to devons) so they are bascially the same cats. Can answer all your questions (plus I know devon owners).

Activity level - very high, love to play and run and jump, and climb high.

Affectionate? - very people oriented. Will help you out in all things you need help with or don't need help with. Will be your lap buddy and your sleeping buddy - UNDER the covers.

They are very smart and clever - can learn to open doors, cupboards, etc.

You cannot free feed rexes - they are 24/7 chow hounds and if left to eat all they want will become overweight very fast! Devon females should be 5-6 lbs, males 6-7 when full grown. So you don't want them on kitten food any longer then 5 months old!

Grooming - practically none - mostly hand grooming. Good devons have wavy coats and all you need is a flea comb and use every so often. They do tend to drop coat more then the cornish do, so sometimes they have bare chests/bellies. An occasional bath will not hurt them - maybe once a month or so. White rexes will need bathing more often to keep them white.
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Over here they are nicknamed Devil Rexes
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