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Is new Friskies formula making your cat vomit?

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I have been feeding my two cats Friskies dry and canned as well as Fancy Feast for the last 8 years with no problem. Soon after I started feeding my male cat, Pumpkin, the new Friskies dry he began vomiting several times a day. He is a healthy cat and before he rarely vomited and only because of hair balls. Walmart was kind enough to locate two bags of the old formula Chef's Delight and the vomiting stopped. I believe my cat was being affected by the addition of milk to the formula. Purina has made a campaign where they indicate the are now using Carnation milk and their new bags indicate the is milk and cheese flavors. As most scientists and vets seem to agree, milk is bad for cats. I have been emailing back a forth with Purina regarding the problem. They have told me that some cats are sensitive to things like "fleas", etc. I live in Minnesota so there are no fleas in the middle of a very cold winter and there is absolutely nothing they eat besides Purina products. I did a number of tests with Pumpkin and the only thing wrong seems to be the new formula. Please if you are having problems with your cats vomiting and they are eating the Friskies new formula let me know or email Purina at I find it impossible to believe that a company that's been around so long making pet food doesn't seem to know or care that cats are sensitive to cow milk. Thanks.
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I haven't had problems with Friskies wet. We did get samples of the new Friskies dry, and I used it for treats. But only my sick cat (who has since gone to the Bridge) liked it. So I ended up tossing it in the trash after he passed on.

Have you tried Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold? I think it's the best looking of their dry foods (grocery) and I use it as treats because it comes in such small pieces. My cats go crazy for it. I don't think they've changed the Gourmet Gold (yet).

I have noticed they have added "cellulose" and a few other things to a lot of their treats (my cats like Purina treats) and dry foods. So I've started buying the Whiskas Natural Temptations & freeze dried fish treats instead. I can't give too many treats either, or Nabu gets runny poo. Which I don't think the Natural Temptations & freeze dried fish cause, but a lot of the other ones do.

We switched to Iams Healthy Naturals (chicken) for dry food a couple months ago now. My cats were barfing all over with all of the "good" dry foods we tried (we had lots of samples, and had tried about every nutro flavor). Now their digestive systems seem to have settled down. And they have beautiful soft shiney coats again.

Edit: sharky can probably point you to some of the better grocery brands. I know FF Gourmet Gold isn't the best, but my cats like it as treats.
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Does the friskies you are feeding have red pieces in it? Cats can't digest those. Many of the poor quality foods like Friskies are full of fillers and corn and things cats cannot digest. I think there is probably something in the food that your cat cannot eat.
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Over the past year, I have tried several different foods for Zoe before finding the "just right" formula for her. I definetly think that this food is NOT agreeing with your cat....but others might do just fine on it.
I tried Royal Canin twice a few months apart with Zoe before realizing that it was making her vomit quite often and some others kept her poop too soft. She is now on Iams (hairball and kitten mixed) and she is doing so much better all around.
Is your old formula of Friskies being fazed out all together or just not being carried at your store? I hope you are able to find something else that your kitty can tolerate better pretty quickly!
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the new friskies formula is the only dry food my kitties will eat. the used to love iams dry but they hate the new formula. howeverm neither of my kitties have probs with milk
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I also feed wet friskies, FF and just recently Whiskas. I know these are not the best wet foods available, but I have tried the premium brands such as Merrick, Blue, Evo and others. My cats will not eat them, each time I've tried to feed them a good food I end up giving it to my daughter's cats. My cats will not eat the pate foods. However they did like Purina Pro Plan, but its sort of pricey.Recently I've been feeding an outdoor stray. To cut down on cat food expenses I've been feeding her dry Friskies. Now one of my indoor cats won't eat the dry chicken soup, or purina naturals. She wants the junky dry friskies. When I read the ingridient list I was surprised, all the corn gluten and byproducts. This is a kitty who is overweight anyway. How do I break her from the friskies. She does eat the wet but then goes to the dry. I would like to get her away from dry completely. She does drink water but I'm afraid she will develop obesity problems. I can't just stop giving her what she likes. This is my feral cat and when she was in the outdoors my daughter would put out dry food for her and her mom so I think thats why she likes it so much. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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My cats would throw up when they ate the old formula. But that was a long time ago. I'd never feed my cats Friskies again (or any cheap grocery store brand).
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carmeniris, cats are fine with milk. It's lactose that they cannot tolerate (just like some people can't). Hopefully Purina knows enough to use lactose free milk products...

It's more likely that your cat's stomach isn't handling the sudden switch in formulas very well. This and diarrhea happens quite often whenever a cat is put on a new food without transitioning them over slowly.
My suggestion is to use what food you have left to slowly switch your cats to a higher quality food - preferably one with better ingredients and no dyes.
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YES!!  It has made my cat throw up 20 times in 2 days!!  All day!!  I am going back to strictly 9 Lives!!  Terrible mistake to try Healthy Naturals.  My baby threw up so much he nearly lost his meow :(  His throat is sore.  I am very disappointed. 

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Originally Posted by KAT1978 View Post

YES!!  It has made my cat throw up 20 times in 2 days!!  All day!!  I am going back to strictly 9 Lives!!  Terrible mistake to try Healthy Naturals.  My baby threw up so much he nearly lost his meow frown.gif  His throat is sore.  I am very disappointed. 

This thread is over 4 years old, so any formula change back then would be the existing formula now. . .I don't know if there have been any recent formula changes. My cats have not had any bad reactions to their canned Friskies paté food. That said, are you feeding your cat dry or wet? Which formula? How long have you been feeding this formula? If you really think it's a problem with that batch, you should contact the company so they can look into it.
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I have two cats and both started vomiting the friskies a few month ago.  I have been buying the friskies brand for a long time both wet and dry.  The cats were vomited both, I even tried the pate still no luck.  Finally said enough! .  I don't believe its because of the milk, their putting corn and soy products and other fillers.   I was afraid the cats weren't getting the nutrients so I went to the pet store and ask for the best brand.  I have now switch to an organic brand of cat food, called canyon creek for dry and I buy the wholefood brand for wet.  NO VOMIT and they seem to really like it..   Good Luck you not alone...

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As an added note: This is not a batch problem because I bought friskies from walmart, shaws, stopnshop,and family dollar stores and the same symptons.  Cats will throw up right after eating this brand.

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Just because you bought it at several places does not rule out a batch problem. A batch of food could be millions of cans, distributed throughout the whole nation. Did you think about taking your cats to the vet to rule out a medical problem?

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I have two cats and both cats get sick from friskies,.  I have bought friskies for the past few years, but started noticing a problem few months ago, thought it might be the sliced canned food, so I switch to the pate style and up came the dry and the wet food.  Soon as I made the switch to a better cat food, they stopped vomiting. 

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I too am having problems with the Friskies canned shreds and flaked.  I have 4 cats and the friskies is economical.  I was feeding them Chicken Soup, which they liked for a while, then turned their noses up.  Now with the friskies, I can open a can, put their bowls down, and interestingly enough, sometimes none of them will eat it.  For example, yesterday I gave them the shredded beef and no one touched it.  Today the shredded chicken.  They ate it, and 2 cats threw up.  I am wondering if some of it is contaminated with salmonella or something that they can smell.  The vomiting happens frequently.

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It could be the grains in the Friskies that is causing the vomiting. The frequent vomiting is not good and could be a symptom of IBD. I would stop feeding them any food with grains to see if the vomiting stops. If not, then a vet visit is in order.

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My cat throws up from just smelling friskies. Back to fancy feast.

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