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Question of the Day - March 17th!!

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Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Here's Rigel's question to start your week off!

- Do you collect handcrafts of Kittys?.. I mean do you have some ornaments of kittys at home? .....What kind of material are made it? many do you have?.... And the best question,...¿wich one is your favourtie?.........feel free to put a pic if you want!.....

I personally don't really collect anything specifically kitty, but if I see something with a kitty on it I will usually buy it!
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well actually I have 2 ceramic home..that i had before salem and so I guess in a way..other then that I actually have a sign...that says:

The more I know about men the more I like cats...
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YES!! I always say that I collect anything and everything cat! I have kitchen magnets, salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, pillows, cookie cutters, pictures, all kinds of ceramic/cloth/resin/ect. kitty figurines, bunches of kitty Christmas ornaments, couch throws, ......I even have a set of flannel sheets with kitties on 'em!
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Kitty fridge magnets...have about 30 of them
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I don't right now, since I don't have anywhere to put things like that. But someday when we get our own house, I'm sure I'll collect plenty of kitty things!
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YES I´m!.. a cat-lover and Maniac of All about kittys!!!....I confess I have all everything relationated about kittys!...all you can Imagine, but I´ll going to show some hand crafts that we have!..


Ornaments for the table:

For the wind:


and my favourite, the clock!

Need to tell you again that I´m a Maniac?......

thank you for to look here!....
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I don't usually collect ornaments etc.. of them, although i have fridge magnets, a kitty key ring and a couple of mugs with them on, oh and i bought a bag from Harrods yesterday with a kitty on

Rigel you have a great collection there!
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I would say I collect cat cross stitches... normally I make them myself.
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We love cat themed items! We have lots of them We want to have cat items everywhere! Our favorite item we bought is a copper engraved cat jewerly box...its pretty
Next to buy is blue/white cat salt & pepper shakers
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No, I don't collect anything like that
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I dont collect them, but I have quite a collection of cat stuff!
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No I don't collect them specifically.. but I have a few Ursula Dodge cat mugs, and a Laurel Burch teapot & bank.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Rigel you have a great collection there!
thanks for your comment Susan!
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Oh boy! I collect miniature cats! Doesn't matter if it's wood, ceramic, clay or rock I collect them all. Here is a small sample of my obsession.

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Now that I think of it I do have a collection of cats. I don't have any pictures of just them. But they do show up in pictures of Chester.

Most of the figures on the top shelf are cats.

Chester keeping me company at breakfast.

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Great pic´s my friends!!!......More!
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I collect bird related items.
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I have a bunch of Laurel Burch kitty socks, and a cute Laurel Burch tote bag. I also have quite a few cat refrigerator magnets, but I don't specifically collect cat stuff. I also have a gorgeous Calico Stretch figurine made by our own Renovia!
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Very very sparingly.

I just have 2 cat ornaments for the Christmas tree and that's it.

We have enough cats around here...I don't need more
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I have alot. Crystal Cats, Salt and Pepper Shakers.Beanies,Cat Pens, Cat Ornaments. Angel Cats for the ones that died. Puzzles, and more.
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yes, i have many too. i have two HUGE ceramic cats (both black) here is a pic

it is about two feet tall and weights about 40 lbs. love it!!!
got if for Xmas from a coworker

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yeh, i have a fair few. mostly made of china though! i have mainly cuddly "cat's", but i do have mug's with them on, & a few ornament's.
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Yep, I collect cat themed things. I told myself I wouldn't get into collecting kitty stuff, but it just happened! It doesn't help when other people buy stuff for me!

My favourite thing is my Kit-Cat clock. I'd wanted one for years (even before I had kitties in my life). One of the former owners of my last job had gotten one from her husband for Christmas one year. When they sold the company and were moving their stuff out, she came down with the clock for me, knowing all about my clan (she'd often ask about them), and how much I had wanted one of the clocks.
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I used to collect porcelain cats. My sister and I both did. But I don't any more. I don't have the space!!
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Oh boy do I ever. I have several handcrated items I've bought from others and tons of different kitty themed stuff I make myself. I have a small collection of cat perfume bottles, vintage Kitty piggy banks, trinket boxes, tapestries, miniature books, socks, patches, stickers, Matel Little Pretty Kitties, Littlest pet shop kitties, tons of random miniature kitties of all sorts... Pretty much anything with a cat on it that strikes my fancy I pounce. Most of my finds are from flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales.

Here are a couple handcrafted items by others.

This is Damien. Poor guy has seen his better days. He was purchased in Elicott City MD at a shop called Discoveries.

This is a little sign a friend of mine had made for me as a gift.

Littlest Pet shop kitty and Matel Little Pretty Kitty. I have roughly 20 of each.

SO stuffed childhood kitty and nesting dolls.

My cat machete. He also seen his better days.

A few examples of my kitty themed crafts.

Painting of my dearly missed Buddha as a kitten.

Miniature Fairy Kitty sculptures

I could go around snapping photos for hours (well maybe not hours) of my kitty stuff. Thankfully my SO has grown used to it and will even pick kitty themed goodies up for me if he sees something he thinks I might like.

Unfortunately I can't share pics of my perfume bottles, piggy banks & miniatures since their probabally my favorites in my collection. My house is really tiny and I have decided to pack them up and store them until I can disply them how I like.

Sorry for all the pics and the long-winded post. Just crazy about my kitty stuff!
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aww cute! i love all your kitty themed stuff
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
I have a bunch of Laurel Burch kitty socks, and a cute Laurel Burch tote bag. I also have quite a few cat refrigerator magnets, but I don't specifically collect cat stuff. I also have a gorgeous Calico Stretch figurine made by our own Renovia!

Did I mention I was jealous??? It is a beautiful Figurine!!!

I have little cat trinkets all over, fridge magnets, X-mas ornaments, Special ornament of orange kitty that I got at Xmas because it looked like Glitch, I have kitty pictures around the house and my favorite thing thats way easy and doesn't take up space is the pics of kitties with the sayings on them! I dont think I can post pics because Im sure they're copywrited but I can send an e-mail if you want to see!!
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