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Can cats climb scaffolding?

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Unfortunately, the house across our garden needs scaffolding for a few days. I have 2 indoor/outdoor cats (we live in a apartment with a courtyard so they can't access the street) but I am concerned about the scaffolding?! If anyone has any tips on this problem I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks a lot...
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I would say yes, it is possible. If humans can get up, our feline friends will find a way too.
Since it is just a few days, can you keep them inside while te scaffolding is out there?
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They will if there is something up the scaffold that will get their attention and the scaffold is the only access to reach it. Other than that they'll ignore it. I had my roof repaired once and the scaffold was left for days until the job was done. The cats did not bother with it. They preferred climbing the trees.
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Maybe your cats ignored it, doesn't mean others will. I've known cats to walk on iced over 2" pipes in winter, and if the scaffolding is more than 5-10' off the ground, keep your cats inside!
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Cats are above all curious, and they will explore anything that is new in their environment. If that involves climbing scaffold or burrowing under building materials, then they will do it. I agree that if at all possible you should jkeep them in for a few days - they may hate it and make your life a misery for that time, but it will be worth it to keep them safe.
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