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Indoor Cats + Sunlight

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Mango is strictly an indoors only cat. He eats Orijen and gets plenty of exercise inside -- he's quite athletic.

Should I be concerned about him not getting much natural sunlight (vitamin D3) at all? I know D3 is present in their food, but does anyone know if they also require it via sunlight?

My suite doesn't get much sunlight at all and the one window who does can't be opened, so the beneficial rays would be filtered out by the glass.

Will he be okay in the long run or should I try to bring him out more to get some exposure to real sun?

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Lets put it this way - my rexes lived to mid/late teens and were totally indoor cats - and were very healthy till the end They liked to sit in the sunshine patches on the floor. They never went outside to get natural sun
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vitamin d is in the food
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If you've got a yard (or even a porch) you could always set up an area where they can go outside, but still be in your sight. My previous cats were indoors, but we'd still let them out on our porch all the time.. they'd mostly just roll around and try and eat our herb garden. A pretty safe place for a cat.

It would also be good to let them be exposed to grass, as cats eat it on purpose to help get hairballs out.

Vitamin D may be in the food, but the real thing is always better.
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Thanks for your replies!

Unfortunately, I don't have access to a safe area for him, but perhaps I'll keep trying to get him used to the harness, just for some extra natural vitamin D.
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