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Totally need vibes =[

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Pirate's eating his kitty litter. Give us vibes!! He's also possibly constipated and maybe not urinating enough... I'm really worried. He's going to the vet first thing in the morning. I just switched him over today from clumping litter to Swheat Scoop, but I don't know how long he's been eating his litter. I just noticed last night.

He's still sick, on prednisolone 2.5mg twice a day and Vibramycin twice a day (forget the dose off hand).

He just had his blood drawn for repeat testing yesterday near the close of the day, so I don't know if he's anemic - but I do suspect it. His gums seem pale! :[

Got some chicken livers and mixed one in with his food (at first he was like MMMM, OM NOM NOM NOM - now, of course, he's like ewwww, what's this?). Hopefully he'll actually eat some more. It's only been about five minutes.

I'm worried that he may have some sort of mineral deficiency though, due to the fact that he's not eating enough. Also, he seems to prefer Sheba more than anything - and I just am not sure that it has enough to keep him going. I want him to eat more Wellness, but he turns up his little kitty nose at it lately. He also ignores Whiskas packets and Evoderm select cuts chicken. He'll eat the fishy versions though.

Other than Wellness or Sheba or the Evoderm select cuts, everything seems to have some sort of grain or rice or something in it (everything meaning the stuff I can get on hand at nearby stores). It's frustrating, and he's being a little brat about his food. I've also tried him on an occasional pick-up of something other than Wellness or Sheba, stuff I wouldn't normally pick up because of rice or wheat or rice gluten or something, and he tends to turn up his nose. Ugh!

My little brat is intending to drive me insane, I'm pretty sure. :[
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I know how frustrating a picky kitty can be! Zek has been turning his nose up at everything lately. He'll eat with no problem for a day, but the next day he doesn't want any food, canned or dry. I'm sending vibes for your baby that nothing serious is going on and that whatever is making him picky is easily fixed.
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I hope Pirate will be okay. Good luck at the vet tomorrow!

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Sending lots of vibes for Pirate!
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Waiting on a call back from the vet's office to see if we should bring him in or not.

I barely have to say anything anymore. "This is Lexie with Pirate..."

"Oh, hey there! Do you need to speak to Dr. XXX?"

Poor baby goes to the vet FAR too often. :[
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I know the feeling. All I have to ask is, "Is Dr. ___ in?" and whoever answers the phone immediately knows my name. They all know my voice well enough, and asking for my specific vet just confirms it. There are at least 5 people that help with the phones, too, and all of them still know when it's me.

Keep us updated!
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So it looks like we're not too worried about the kitty litter - he hasn't been actively straining, so we're just monitoring him and making sure.

But his new test results are pointing pretty well towards FIP, which I've been fighting tooth and nail.

Dad & I are talking seriously about putting him down... which we hate, REALLY hate, but we're doing a huge cross-country move to Ohio soon, which won't be good for him (we were more hopeful when he still had a "mystery" illness!) and his walking is getting to the point that we think - even if the rest of him seems pretty okayish, he's just not going to get around very well.

I hate having to be the one to make the decision, especially when I'm usually the type of person who thinks the kitty will tell me when it's time.

Pirate, though, seems to understand my dilemma- because his fever just spiked (the first time it's done that while on pred) and he's sleeping all day today. I can't stop crying since I got this news.
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Originally Posted by Lexapi View Post
Waiting on a call back from the vet's office to see if we should bring him in or not.

I barely have to say anything anymore. "This is Lexie with Pirate..."

"Oh, hey there! Do you need to speak to Dr. XXX?"

Poor baby goes to the vet FAR too often. :[
I know that feeling all too well..

If you vet thinks Pirate may have FIP, is it the dry form or wet form?? I have two cats that have the dry form of FIP, and are being treated with Interferon: both are doing really well on the treatment. You may want to ask your vet about the Interferon, before you make the decision of putting Pirate to sleep...

I hope it's not the wet form, b/c that's the fatal one.

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What is the diagnosis based on?
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Prayers for him.
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