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Hi I am trying to rehome to kitties. they came to me along with 12 dogs. (parents and 10 pups) One neighbor had another neighbor babysitting them and never came back. now there new home is having marriage issues. and I am "house sitting" for the next 3-4 months. though it has been said in passing that they may not return either. They did however ask me to "get rid" of all the animals.

This is one of the girls(neither have names) *sadness*. she was just recently Spayed.

the next baby was pregnant but 2 days b4 my neigbors left she went into labor. They found her with a leg dangling out and thought if they let her walk a bit she would be fine. well a couple hours later that were at my door asking me to do something. Well though I have experience pulling goats and sheep, my hands are not small enough. So I rushed her to my vet and He gave her a C-section. It was so bad he had to remove her whole uterus. SHe has recovered and is her oldself. sadly there were no surviving kittens.

This is the other sweet girl

If anyone is interested in adopting either of them please email me at