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Coco is Missing!!!

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Our kitty Coco got out of the screened in porch over the weekend. She has never been outside before and we are really worried for her. I put up flyers this morning and have put a message in at the local shelter, they are going to call me back soon hopefully. I put her favorite food outside and we even got night vision binoculars last night from Walmart to search around the dark lake last night. No sign of her yet.
Please keep Coco Kitty in your prayers. We sure do miss her, she is our little sweetheart
I have read the threads about trapping and looking for lost kitties so I will try some of the other suggestions too.

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She is probably close by, and just scared. I hope a little board magic brings her home!
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Thank you krazy kat. I hope she is close by and comes home soon too.
Poor little Coco kitty
Its been raining here for the past day so maybe she will come out when the rain stops. I hope anyway.

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Oh Ginger, I am so sorry to hear this! Please send me an email, I may have something to help you out. In the meantime, talk to kids on bikes, the postman, anyone who walks your area on a regular basis, put her litter box outside and sprinkle some of her litter around the area. Hang up a sweaty shirt of yours outside as well and look for her about 2-4 a.m. I am praying she comes home soon.
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Ginger, here's a link for you. I would go through the whole routine with you, and I know many others have hints, but I could forget something. Definitely put some sweaty clothes out on the porch, some good smelling, fishy food, and sit out there when it's dark and quiet. But check out that site I gave you. It's pretty comprehensive.

My heart aches for you. I know what a worry this must be, so I am praying for Coco to come home and praying that you will have peace of mind so that you can do what you need to do. God bless you. Also, why not ask for prayers or positive thoughts, according to your beliefs in the Lounge? You came here for advice; now you can go to the Lounge for some "board magic." We'll all pray for Coco to come home!
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We found her!!!!
YAY! She was on the roof! We have a screened in back porch and she must have climbed up it to the top of the house. She was soo scared and confused on how to get down.
Steven climbed out of the window to the roof and passed her down to me thru the window
Yay! Board magic works wonders, even if the cat is just on the roof

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That's wonderful!
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So glad Coco is back! Way to go!
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Just reading this now. Glad it had a happy ending!

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That's wonderful!!
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I'm so glad to hear Coco is home. I guess she won't be working as a roof-repair cat anytime soon!
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LOL Christy.
It was the strangest thing to look up at the top of the screen and the roof and see a cat, usually birds are up there, not cats

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That was cute, Christy! I agree with you.
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so glad coco is back safe and sound.
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