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What to do

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Kisa May has gotten to the point of too aggressive. A few moments ago I picked her up and she bit me so hard it broke the skin and I blead pretty bad...and on my good finger too...so it's hard to type.
What should I do? She's fixed and is still aggressive, my feliway defuser is deffective and i dont have the funds to really get a new one (unless it'll fit in a glade's plug in)
I dunno what to do anymore...if i should surrender her or do something else, which im not sure what that something else is...i wonder if it's nurilogical...
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You know her chances of getting another home if she was listed as aggressive....

Give her space. Correct what you can (read the stickies in this section). As for her biting when you pick her up, you may just have to stop trying.

How young did you get her as a kitten?
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I think pretty young..she has the suckling issue...but she's always been aggressive...even as a baby...
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Well, there's part of the reason. If a cat or dog is taken away from their mother and siblings at too young on an age they are not always taught proper behavior and socialization skills.

Here's another thread from the expert section about aggression.
Try searching the behavior section for "aggression", too. You could always wait for people to come and answer your thread, but some members are gone or no longer as active - so you may find some suggestions that you'd miss otherwise.

I've personally never had this problem in a cat I've raised from a kitten, even when taken at a young age - but I've never had single cats so they always learned cat manners. Older cats who behave wrong get "cat like" behavior from me - I hiss, growl, stare them down, swat at the air near them (if they do it first), then walk off like they no longer exist. This is only for one very grumpy outdoor cat and a semi feral who knows cat behavior better than cat to human behavior. It works well for those two as they know they can't push me, but I don't suggest it for a normal house cat.
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