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question about taking mom and babies to vet

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I'm wondering whether I should take Rags and her babies to the vet in the same crate or not. If I separate her from her babies she will probably go ballistic and they could get chilled. But if I take them all in the same crate she might panic and walk all over them. What have you guys done, if you have been in this situation?
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I would take them all together. Then again I've never had a take a mom + babies to the vet before.
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Why do they need to go to the vet? Are they old enough for vaccines or sick? If not I wouldn't personally transport them anywhere. Too stressful and they risk so much going to a vet clinic. Their immune systems are so underdeveloped and they can get exposed to so many different diseases at the clinic.
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I'm going to call the vet first, but Rags sounds like she might be wheezing and one baby hasn't gained an ounce since he was born 5 days ago. I'll see what the vet says about taking them there, but I'm worried about them.
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if it is a health reason like then then I would call and ask but express concern for bringing them in when they are so young. But if they need to be seen then take them in. I thought maybe you just wanted to do a check up.
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I wish vets still did house calls. I live less than 5 minutes from the clinic.
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When my Willow had her mysterious fever, I was forced to take her to the emergency vet. I took her and the babies in a laundry basket (this was before i had a cat carrier) with plenty of towels to ensure their warmth. I took the babies too, because I wasnt sure if they would admit her that night.

They let her go home overnight, but the next morning I had to take them to my regular vet where mom was admitted and the kittens stayed so they could be nursed.

I hope Rags has nothing more than a cold and that Cuddles is just being an exception to the rule!!!

Good Luck - you are such a good Meowmy!!!
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PS... when I took Willow in she did not try to walk at all. She laid still for the whole trip - of course she was very sick and running an awful fever.
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That must have been scary. I doubt that Rags has a fever. I'm beginning to think that going over to the vet alone first and asking them some questions might be enough. Cuddles is an extremely active tiny little guy. He fights hard for nipples, but he tends to lose. That's why I've been trying to watch him and put him on another one. Maybe his problem is stubbornness. He'll fight a much bigger kitten for a nipple when there is an unoccupied one nearby. He is spunky, but maybe not very bright! I sure hope he makes it. I like his personality! Rags might not be sick, or maybe it's minor. It's possible that the noise is snoring, because she mostly does it while she's reclining.
Sometimes I overreact, but then again I don't want to make the mistake of not acting when I should.
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Willow had a high fever, there was no mistaking it. When I petted her her ear was obviously hot. That, and she seemed leery to nurse the kittens. In her case it was obvious something was wrong.

I also had help when I took her into the vet - both times, so they could pet her and make sure she wasnt jumping out of the box (or stepping on kittens). And to be honest, this was 3 years ago and I was new to this site and kittens, and never thought twice about risking the kittens by taking them in with their mom. Thankfully every thing went okay, even when they were admitted with their momma.

A while ago I read somewhere that mom cat only have 4 working nipples. So if a mother cat has more than 4 kittens, there is a need to rotate. I dont know how much truth there is to that, but I've been trying to search for something along those lines all day.

I hope you sleep well tonight and get some answers tomorrow and that Cuddles gains *something* if even just the tiniest bit...
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Thank you. I'll try to sleep. Cuddles seems to feel fine. If it weren't for the idea that he needs to be gaining lots of weight right now, I wouldn't feel a reason for concern. He might have put on a gram or two within the last few hours. I checked him a little while ago and the scale hovered around 92. I hope he did gain some and that he gains some more tonight.
I think that Rags has more than 4 working nipples. I've seen all 6 babies nursing peacefully side by side before. Cuddles has a bad habit of wanting to switch nipples sometimes. I think that's part of his problem. But sometimes he stays on the same nipple for a long time and seems to be getting what he needs.
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