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2 week old kitten screaming a lot! + Roxy Update!

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Hey guys, Roxy's kittens are doing good. They're two weeks today. All a good weight and are developing just fine. I've been trying to socialize them early so I give them a little stroke from time to time and pick them up once a day. The kittens (except one - keep reading) are fine with this and most importantly so is Roxy, but here's the thing:

One kitten SCREAMS its head off if you touch it. And just won't stop even when Roxy licks it and stuff. Could something be wrong? Poor kitty just screams so much when you touch it (and sometimes for no apparent reason) and it confuses Roxy so much! It's sad. The kitten is feeding fine and nothing seems to be wrong with it physically. Could it just be the confusion of gaining sight and hearing and stuff? Her eyes open later than the others. I don't know.

Hope this is normal, any advice would be great. Here are the little critters:

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Be sure to hold it upright and support its feet. Some kittens are more sensitive to that than others.
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Thank you for the advice I shall try it tomorrow and hopefully she'll shut her adorable but noisy pie hole!
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I don't think she actually has a problem, other than anxiety about being out of control. Some kittens are just noisier and more demonstrative.
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I have the exact same issue with a 12 day old kitten. Interestingly Houdini's litter looks very similar to your cat's litter--2 tabbys, one black and one black/brown.

Anyway, one of the tabbies cries very loudly when you touch him or pick him up -so we can't decide if we should hold him more (to socialize him) or hold him less (which I'm sure he'd prefer).

What is best in this situation?
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Two of my kittens were very vocal at that age, whenever I picked them up they would scream like crazy. I continued to handle them daily, to socialize them and to weigh them... they eventually just learned that they were safe and they got over it. They're 6 weeks old now and very social.
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One of our kittens from last year was VERY vocal when we picked her up. She was out of control! LOL and as long as the screaming wasnt stressing momma, we still handled her.

She is actually the one (out of 17 fosters) that we ended up adopting!

Squeaker - named for her voice

Now she is the cuddliest cat in the house. Will jump on me to lay on my chest and doesnt care what I am in the middle of doing.
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Thanks for all your replies guys, they've calmed me down loads!
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