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Sadie got outside today..not for long I caught her. I was bringing her back in and lost my balance coming down the hills in the back yard and fell while holding her...I didnt drop her I kept my grip on her but we fell together then when we got back inside she kicked really hard and I dropped her she hit the door but seems ok. Can I have some that her kittens and her are ok please!
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aww... I hope she is ok! Tons of vibes for Sadie and her babies!
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I had a similar situation happen with sophie. I was holding her and my dad suddenly cranked up the vaccum cleaner. She went ballistic and hit the floor. This was just 1 week before her babies came but everyone was fine. Good coming your way.
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I hope everything is ok!
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Oh no! I hope you & the babies are all okay!

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We had that happen with our Dog in 1977. She slipped when she went out to pee in the rain. One Pup was dead but all the rest were fine. There was 8.
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Oh I hope that everyone are okay!
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