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We're moving--finally!

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When I married my husband last summer I moved into his place--45 minutes from my parents. (He worked here and we couldn't move) So my final semester of school I commuted. We were lucky enough to have our prayers answered in late December and my husband received a transfer back to my hometown (well that area, my husband is a sales rep for Spectrum Brands and works in 16 Lowes and Home Depots) In January I took a job local the my hometown but we both have been commuting since January.

We were unable to leave our apartment because of our lease--unless we paid what we owed, which was 6 months of rent or someone took our apartment right away. No one was interested so we just decided to stay until our lease was up. Then we found out at the end of February that someone wanted our apartment April 1st. We truly did not want to live in an apartment again, we wanted to rent a house. We couldn't find anything in our price range that was at all what we wanted or they wouldn't take pets.

We had given up hope again and were just going to stay until June. Then on Wednesday there was a new rental house listed in the paper, we called and my husband walked through the house the next day. He loved it so he put in our application and our paper work went through, so if I liked it we could have it! We went through it today and I like it--didn't love it but liked it, so we signed the lease! The biggest downside is there are railroad tracks right behind it--other than that its pretty good.

It's much bigger than our townhouse and we start moving this week--final moving on Saturday with the U-Haul!!!!

Our prayers were answered, now I get to live 4 blocks from my church and my parents!

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As a former real estate agent, I have to say that if you can qualify for a home now, you may not see a better time to buy a house for another 20 years.
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i live about 2 blocks from the railroad tracks. it bothered me at first [& the cats, too] but now we're all used to it.
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Yes, we know its a good time to buy. But we aren't ready to own a house. We want to make sure we can find a house we will stay in for awhile 5+ years, right now it just isn't the time for us.

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Congrats on finally moving!!!
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i moved from the quiet country being the only one living on 19 acres to having railroad tracks in the city two houses away. You will get use to it. the windows would rattle alot but other than that it was kinda cool.
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Congratulations!! Have fun moving
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We moved last Saturday and it was quite a day. When we went to pick up our moving truck they had no record of our reservation--and no truck for us. We had to drive 25 minutes to pick up a truck. It was a long weekend, and its been a long week.

We still have much unpacking to do.

Our kitten Jack was my biggest concern and he is quite happy here. He was very very scared the first two days. Couldn't even convince him to leave our bedroom.

Now that he realizes the fun there is in smelling new smells and hiding in new places etc he is very happy. He loves how much room he has and literally runs from one side of the house to the other, at full speed! We now have windows that face a street and yards and he has so much to look at.

We have train tracks about 15 feet from the end of our yard and the train whistles really freaked Jack out but now he isn't as afraid.

I'll post some pictures soon--when I find the camera.

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good luck with the move
for no stress on the move!...
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