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Weekend Escape Artists

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Was cleaning out the attic today occupying the space with Ripster and I found some old poetry journals, so thought I would post this one, though not cat related. I wrote in in 1984

Living in the city, where confusion reigns.
Pressured and hurried, till we think we're insane.
Needing to leave, to seek Nature's peace.
Wishing only blessed silence, for our sweet release.

So we pack our bags and head for the hills.
Our destination guided by our own free-will.
Into the forest, away from the heat.
Anywhere, but near those busy city streets.

Out to the desert, or a drive up the coast.
Exploring California, and parts we love most.
Bird watching, hiking, just being free.
I'm comfortable with him, and he's the same with me.

Stopping to shoot pictures, or merely to talk.
Going where few others have ventured to walk.
Being ourselves, knowing we are the smartest-
For we are after all- Weekend Escape Artists!
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Hissy; This made me remember that even though I have sent 35+ yrs. working and trying to exhist in this nation's cities I am Country BORN and BRED !!!

Thank you so much for sharing this "Find" with us.

P.S. I trust The Ripster is "on the Mend. . . . . " and up to her old curious ways helping you sort the attic. . .. . .
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Thank you for sharing you poem! I, too, have a great love for wild places. Alas, I've tried living in the "country"; but it just doesn't work for me, as I've never cared for the inescapable small-town human mentality. But I love the wilderness, bereft of people "city" and "country" alike. My favorite place: Death Valley, California. Go figure! (Not a lot of "job opportunity" there!)

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