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Injured Dog

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I just thought I'd share my weekend with you all...

Yesterday (Sunday) as I was driving down to the bakery for some lunch I noticed a german shepard limping down the road. I saw a man come around the corner so I thought it was his dog and I carried on down to the bakery. On the way home however I saw that the man did not stop and the dog was still limping down the road. I pulled over and managed to get the dog by the collar. She looked like she had been hit by a car from the way she was walking and shaking. A nice couple came outside and called the SPCA for me and were told they'd be there soon. Although I was sitting with the dog right in front of a vet clinic, because it was a Sunday they were not open! The lady went and got the dog some water which she hardly touched and a rope for me to put around her collar. I sat with the dog for nearly 3 hours before the animal control officer finally showed up. The animal control officer took one look at the dog and said "Hello Jesse". Apparently the dogs owners had gone to Australia and left Jesse all alone for a week. Jesse was 14 years old, has severe arthritis and was on medication and was frequently wandering from home. I went with the lady to the clinic just incase they decided she needed a new home (I was going to take her). It turned out that she had been a victim of a hit and run and noone had bothered to stop. The owners sister came down to look after Jesse so I could go home.

It just fascinates me that someone could do that to an animal. I just thought I'd share that little story with you
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Thank you for stopping and caring for Jesse.

I can only hope that someone treats Jesses "owners" like that when they are old.
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That was very nice of you to stop and take care of Jesse
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Oh poor sweetie! Her owners just left her to run while they went on vacation?? I hope her injuries weren't too severe. You are wonderful to have stopped and helped her!
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