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Ringworm questions

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Ringworm can go from
person to person
cat to person
cat to cat

can ringworm go from person to cat? How do I prevent this?
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I would think it can, it also can live on your rug and go rug to person, or to cat.

To prevent you must be diligent in removing all the ringworm that might be sitting around. You can get a black light to find it.

You must treat the cats and the people with topical creams and medication to stop the growth of the ringworm.

Do a search on the web, and you will find many methods for treatment.
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the cats don't seem to have it. the spot that I know is ringworm that isn't on a cat didn't light up under the blacklight. does the blacklight trick only work on cats?
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Blacklight only reveals like 40% or 70% of ringworm, can't remember for sure anymore.

Yes, it can go from person to cat, I shared with Twitch many years ago.
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bummer...thats what I was afraid of. ok, so how do I love up on the girls without sharing?
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Keep the spot covered.....should *help* prevent it from spreading.
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it is covered and being treated with anti-fungal. I hope I don't share with cats or hubby....
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I've had one spot, twice, in the same place on my back. No known origin, and it went away with anti-fungal treatment (same stuff as you treat athlete's foot with). Cats never got it...but I don't hug them with my back!
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If you keep it covered and are careful, you should be ok. It takes a long time to leave, so don't get too confident, should it look better. Do the complete treatment. If you suspect a spot in the house, treat it, evne thought the black light doesn't show it. In fact treat everything, sheets etc. It can stick around on natural fibers for years.
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I didn't know that sheets and stuff had to be treated. Next you'll be telling me I can't share the bed with hubby and cats. What do I use to treat the sheets?
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I just washed them in hot water often.
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Originally Posted by WELDRWOMN View Post
I didn't know that sheets and stuff had to be treated. Next you'll be telling me I can't share the bed with hubby and cats. What do I use to treat the sheets?
Yes, you must treat everything, and you have to cover your infected spots so you don't rub them on hubby, the cats, the couch, or anything else that area came into contact with. towels, washrags. This is fungus that will live a long time. It is not the end of the world, but you must be diligent, or it will keep coming back. Hot soap and water with clorox, borax, selsun blue, all kill fungus. For your rugs, you should probably look up in the internet. There is probably some homemade solution that will do the job.
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If it's just a spot or 2 on you, just keep it covered up with a bandaid and continue with the treatment and you should be fine. You just don't want to take the chance of having it spread and then have a real problem on your hands. I have a cat that is a carrier and have been battling it for years on and off. Ugh! Something that has always worked wonders for me whenever I have a spot is "Tea Tree Oil". You can get it at any vitamin shoppe. As another posted stated, it will takes several weeks before it is completely gone.
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