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Anyone go to Fairs and Festivals?

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We went to Irish Days Yesterday and it was Good. The only problem was it Snowed,Hailed,Sleeted and Rained. We went to the Almond Blossom Fest in Feb and it Rained too.
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Not the best of weather then? We go to quite a few festivals and fairs, its great to see the work of so many talented people on display, and to buy their products as well.
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I just went to the Winter Park (FL) art show this weekend - it was great!
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Of course, every year we go to the Texas State Fair.

Or did you mean something like the Renaissance Fair?
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I love the fair!! I go for the food I also enjoy Festivals and such, but I don't get to those very much
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I mean any type of Fair or Fest.
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I love going to fairs and festivals! Especially if my dogs can come along. Chicago has a ton of summer fests/fairs and many them are dog-friendly. We have many neighborhood festivals in the spring and summer, big city events like the Celtic Fest and Taste of Chicago, and many small fairs and other events in the warm weather-- and a few even when it's not so warm, like the Chinese New Year parade/fest. I love festival food, looking at all the booths, the interesting entertainment they have, and so on... We also have quite a few dog events and festivals in the area which are lots of fun! This weekend we had three parades in the city for St. Patricks Day (Northside, Southside, and Chicago.) One year my Golden Retriever and I got to be in the Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade with our animal-assisted therapy organization, but we usually miss it because it's always the same weekend as the Chicago Pet Expo which we always attend.
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Summer fairs here in my county are usually sunny and hot. I got to two local art and wine festivals but that is it. You can go to indoor bathrooms at both from the participating merchants. There is a big Renaissance fair, a big garlic fair, an artichoke fair and a zucchini fair around here among others. If there are porta-toties or very heavy traffic getting there, we don't go.
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yeh! i love going to fair's & festival's! i like fair's, especially the one we have here every november!
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