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Cat Pulled Out Her Stitches!! Eeek!!

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My cat Arti was spayed on Friday. She had 3 stitches closing the incision.

I picked her up to look at how she was healing today and she's pulled out the bottom 2 stitches. How worried should I be?

I'm not sure what I can even do. We had a snow storm here last night and the animal hospital is closed. I can only hope that it's open again tomorrow.

Any ideas on caring for her until i can get her looked at?

*panicked furmom*
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Lucy did that and it got infected. We called the vet on his day off and he came in and fixed it.
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replace the litter in the litterbox with paper so no litter gets in the wound. make sure it stays clean. u might want to keep her somewhere were she cant move around to much so it doesnt get worse. thats all i can think off for now untill u can get it looked at.
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If you can't get her in, worst case, if you have some superglue, you can glue the incision closed. But don't do it on my say-so; there are some real experts here.

That's what we did with Wickett, when he pulled his sutures out after bladder surgery, and we were on the road.
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If it's bleeding or oozing, I'd call the vet or go to the emergency vet. If not, wait and call first thing in the morning. In the meantime, take an old sock and cut off the sock part. Put the top part around her middle to keep her from getting to the incision. (You have to put it over her head, then put her paws through, or go up the back legs and over the hips.)

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Get her an e-collar NOW!!! If she started licking, she likely won't stop until its completely healed, and licking is the number 1 cause of post-operative infections.

If JUST the sutures are missing and the wound is not open, then you don't need to do anything... if the wound is open, then she needs to see a vet as soon as possible. Tomorrow may be OK, depending on how open the incision is.
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Glad to report that Arti is doing well. I took her to the vet first thing and she got her incision all fixed up and she's wearing an e-collar now so she can't pick at it anymore. She's SUPER unimpressed about it.
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Yeah, they're just not too excited to be the height of Elizabethan style, are they?
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