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My Cat Had 5 Healthy Kittens On My Birthday

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My cat Genie WAS in fact pregnant and a lot further along then I thought. We were at the vet earlier last week and they did an exam and xray and discovered 5 kittens. My birthday was Friday the 14th and I went out to dinner and came home to feed the cats and realized I hadn't seen Genie much of that day so I went down the basement and I heard a mewing sound behind the washing machine and I flipped out and starting moving the washing machine. She gave birth in quite a small area. NO help needed. I saw her birth the last kitten. There ARE 5! All red and white/buff and white babies. They are all gorgeous. Looks like 4 boys and 1 girl. I managed to get the babies and mama upstairs and more comfortable underneath my bed and have them secluded from daddy and my other kitty. Mama is a champ and such a loving mama. Kittens nursing wonderfully. How do I post pics?
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this is how i do it: i have a free photobucket account. i upload my pix there, & resize them. then copy the code under the pic that begins [ IMG] & paste it into your post. example: [added spaces so you see the code]
[ IMG ][/IMG]
without spaces:

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Congratulations! They sound beautiful. I have a soft spot for reds... and always wanted a cream... cant wait to see pics!
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Congrats!!! Cant wait to see pics!!
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Ok trying to post some pics. Hoping this works?

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Oh my heavens!!! Aren't they just precious!!! Red tabby and white/ buff tabby and white!!!
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Oh wow - been a long time since I've seen a red and white or cream and white litter.

Those are really cool - looking forward to more individual pictures of the red-head gang

If I didn't have another Oci on order.................I'd be taking a red/white boy
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What precious little babies!!!!
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My goodness are they ever adorable!!! And what a lovely momma cat!

Behind the washing machine though... was it running maybe, so it was nice and cozy back there when she started? ...what an odd decision. Cats.
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