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Mondays Dt

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Hi It's Monday March 10,2003.It is 9* here in New York way to cold to be outside! By Saturday it is going to be 47*!Not alot going on today .Just a little housekeeping.Ted is doing some paperwork for his mom's nursing home ,there is a lot of paperwork involved in putting a person in a home,allmost as much as when you buy a house!All 5 of my cats are in frount of the wood stove,they hate the cold too!Hopeing everyone has a good Monday!
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hello all!
its supposed to be in the 50s today, yippee!
I have an appointment this morning and i have some letters to send today and then the rest of the day is all mine. so you all will probably see me around here from time to time today!
I am doing some research on New Orleans, i would like to visit around may - if anyone has any information they can give me, let me know, i would so appreciate it!
hope everyone has a great day!
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happy monday!

nothing new here really. our morning receptionist is sick, so i will be on phones this morning. gives me a chance to read and post.

ed is going to the vet today. he is just not himself. he's been sneezing and sounds pretty stuffed up. he's not the big bundle of energy that is his normal self and he curled up with me to sleep last night instead of staying up with hubby. there's no discharge from his eyes or nose, so i was wondering do cats get colds like do that just have to run their course? just curious? guess i'll find out later.

hope everyone has a good one. stay warm...
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A beautiful crisp and cool day here

I lost quite a few hours of work this morning helping MIL get info on breast cancer. She is very worried about the tumor they found. She's going to have an ultrasound tomorrow and a surgical biopsy probably later this week... Please keep her in your prayers - she's a dear dear woman!

Sherral - are the cats helping Ted with the paperwork? Nothing like a feline helping paw
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I've got nothing to do today. Good thing, as I had another bad night. No word on the job. They were supposed to let me know, one way or the other, on Friday. I have a couple of leads. If I'm feeling better, tomorrow, I'll hit the bricks, again.

We got up to 78, yesterday and should hit 80, by the end of the week. I've had enough of winter!
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cindy - sorry you didn't hear about the job. i think it's rude when they don't tell you yes or no. hope the right one comes along soon!
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Anne, LOL, yes Grayski,is trying to eat the paper.s and is trying to find out what that noise is coming from the printer!
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Originally posted by sherral46
Anne, LOL, yes Grayski,is trying to eat the paper.s and is trying to find out what that noise is coming from the printer!
Nakita is absolutely terrified of the printer!! She thinks it's going to eat her! When I turn it on, her eyes get real big and her body slinks along the floor till she's out of the room.

Anne said: A beautiful crisp and cool day here.

The temperature here is -10C (without windchill!). I don't think that would qualify for crisp and cool. It would only qualify for cold and real cold!

My friend called me and said not to get my hopes up for the job I applied to last week. She said they have an internal candidate and only posted the job for legal reasons (she works for HR at that company). Ick!
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
My friend called me and said not to get my hopes up for the job I applied to last week. She said they have an internal candidate and only posted the job for legal reasons (she works for HR at that company). Ick!

seriously, though... sorry to hear that.
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Here at work stuffing pretzels in my face going threw the forum. Then after that back to a little work I guess. NAAA!! LOL.
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I'm sick.... I have this raspy (2 pack a day) cough!!! And I don't even smoke!

And being the good employee that I am..... I'm here at work

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sorry to hear you are sick. but can you NOT cough on us please? just teasing. hope you are feeling better soon.

got back from the vet. seems like its just an upper respiratory infection. he got really mad on the way to the vet and slammed his nose into the carrier door. scared me to pieces because he gave himslf a bloody nose. he's okay now, but i was almost in tears driving the rest of the way to the vet's office. sweet little boy is sitting quietly by my desk here at work now.
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Ugh! It seems that if it takes me longer that 5 minutes to type what I'm going to say, I can't post it - it tells me I'm not logged in and then I lose everything I type.

Well, it will take to long to repeat my self, so I hope everyone has a nice evening.
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Well...I am finally up and crawling around at home. Spent all last night awake with a migraine and spent some of this morning with my head in the toilet. ugh..... Happens every time I can't catch the migraine in time. Once again, this time it was cause I didn't have any medication left and the migraine hit at night. (not smart enough to renew the prescription after I've taken my last one!)

Had to go to work for a few hours this morning. Made a big booboo. I had spent most of the night taking Tylenol and Advil Migraine pills. Rotating between both, hoping one or the other would work. This morning, since I had to get to work somehow, I decided to take an Advil before heading out the door as well as gravol. Made my way to the drug store, got my prescription and took one, went to work and all of a sudden, my world went fuzzy (didn't pass out but my eyes were burning and everyone looked blurry).....nothing too bad but I think I over did it. Scary cause when I get a migraine, I don't think rationally. Had forgot I had taken Advil less than a half hour before. Not too sure if it was that that caused that effect or the fact that the medication I take wipes out the migraine quickly and then I get tired. Came home, slept the afternoon away.

Moral of this story.......always remember when you take your medication and don't over do it. When a migraine hits me, I almost need someone holding my hand and directing me away from any medication cause I'd take anything to get rid of it. I'd even agree that hitting me on the head with a hammer would help. And I'd probably let you do it for me! :LOL: begins my day! My headache is gone, I think I am hungry and I guess I have some reading to do here. (although I was able to check in around noon and read a little and post a bit)

Oh...and happy, happy, joy, joy....I think I lost a pound! See...there is always a positive to someting negative!
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Ghys, I refill my migraine scrip, when I'm down to about 10. Got caught, a few years ago - middle of the night and no pills. Wore a path between bed and toilet, crying the whole time.
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Cindy, that's exactly what happened to me. I need to smarten up and do that. *geesh* All I have to do is take my migraine pill and the migraine is gone in less than 10 minutes sometimes. Who in their right mind would let their prescription run out, wait until another migraine hits and then remember that the smart thing would be to always have them on hand? Oh wait.......that's right: Me :LOL:

Let that be a lesson to me.....

My prescription comes in 6 pills only. Wish they had more. Veeeeerrrrrry expensive too. *yikes*
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Ghys - what kind of medication do you take for your migraines? I'm currently taking Maxalt in 10mg tablets. I tried Imitrex, Zomig, and Amerge before the Maxalt. None of them worked for me, and with Imitrex and Zomig, I developed flu symptomes. Just curious what other migraine sufferers take... I'm hoping one day I'll find something that will work more than 25% of the time.
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Writing to the DT at 8:30, it's been that kind of day for me. Actually, it's been a really great day. Everything's coming up roses! Earl found out that his radio show got a 35 share for one of their newer stations (one in Harrisburg, PA apparently the 2nd biggest station there and a 35 share is HUGE), we found out we got an extra $20 in the account (our bank does 1% cash back on debit card purchases, and Earl built a computer for a friend - a really sweet computer - and he ordered everything on our debit card), and I have an interview tomorrow with that big company!! They called while I was home for lunch, and it sounds pretty good so far. Fingers crossed for me, K?

Ghys, I get that kind of migrain sometimes. I feel your pain, really I do. Fortunately I don't get them very often, maybe once ever 3-6 months anymore. Thank goodness! All I want to do is sit there and cry, but I can't cry because it hurts too much.
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yay heidi! i am glad today is going well. i really hope the job works out for you!!!
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Jenn, I'm taking Amerge right now. Knock on wood. it works well for me so far.

I tried Fiorinal, and imitrex. Imitrex gave me heart palpitations. Took the migraine away so i was willing to overlook that. But, the doctor wasn't happy. So....he switched me.

Never heard of Maltax.

Heidi! Sending positive thoughts your way for tomorrow. Knock 'em dead ok? Yeah....I want to cry when the migraine hits too. I don't wish this upon anyone. I was doing ok for a while. Noticed they are starting up again pretty regularily. I'll have to keep an eye on that.
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Thanks Ghys I was hoping there was a new migraine miracle drug out there I hadn't tried. Oh well... maybe one day...
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sorry...wish I could help. I'll check tomorrow and see if there is anything new out there. All I know of is: the Migraine Patch. You apply it at the base of your neck as soon as you feel a migraine coming. I tried it. Not sure if it really worked. I think maybe it would be ok for people who don't suffer from migraines often? And....they are a bugger to take off after! ouch......

I'll let you know if I find anything
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Hahahahaa... people that don't suffer from migraines often... that SO isn't me. I never did hear of that patch though... I can't even imagine ripping it off my neck, but if it worked... heck, I'll try anything! Thanks for looking into for me, I appreciate it.
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