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Do you have a shadow too? LOL!

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My cat, Pepper, always follows me around the house especially in the bathroom. LOL! She has always done that even when she was a kitten. I thought she'd grow out of it but never happened. LOL! So I call her my shadow. The only time she doesn't follow me is when she's asleep. LOL! Does anyone else's cats on here do that too. She is an adult cat too. Hahaha!

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Exact same thing with Butzie. I like the phrase, shadow.
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Well, it seems like one or the other will almost always end up in whatever room I'm working.
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My "Shadow" is Gracie.
Where I go, she goes.
We got her and Lizzie (RB) when they were six weeks old, Gracie is now 8 years old and still follows me from room to room.

That's okay, she's my little sweetpea
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Yes, Wally is everywhere I am. If he wakes up from a nap and realizes I'm not in the room, he'll come find me...and fall asleep again.
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Swanie is my shadow. Cindy is daddy's little girl and follows DH around.
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Both of my kitties follow me! I love it!

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Arwen is my shadow, everywhere I go, she follows..especially if I am going upstairs! Her favourite place is my bed
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I have two tortie shadows. I am not safe from them anywhere in the house. Even if I am taking a shower, they are in the bathroom trying to look through the shower door. If I try to shut them out of a room, they become desperate to get in.
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Bailey was my constant shadow. Whenever I was out of the house she'd sit in one of the front windows and wait for me to come home.

Midnight & Meow are friendly and loving but very independent. I'm hoping someday when Penny & Fae are out of their energetic "never rest" kittenhood one of them might want to be my new shadow. I miss that.
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Am I ever glad I heard her crying in the park last summer..

She is the sweetest thing and loves my boy cats to death. She's a little pest though...I keep tripping on her because she wont stop following me...

I can't seem to beable to post a picture of my babies. Is there a trick I don't know about???
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Velvet is my little shadow
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Yes, I have a trail of cats at my heel whatever I do. I don't let them in the bathroom with me because one of them has a bizarre foot/leg obsession and letting him in would be asking for trouble, but they all sit outside waiting for me and whining.

Sonic is the real terror though, I tread on the poor mite regularly because he's always underfoot. Typical Oriental behaviour - you leave the room, so do they, you lie down, they use you as a cat bed
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milo and shinobi tend to follow me around. tabitha is far more independant!

even when i creep up the stairs in order to try and make the bed without their own unique style of assistance they will always end up in the bed, under the sheet and then chaos commences!
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All three kids follow me into the bathroom - and it seems that we all have bathroom cats. Why is that? Sophie comes in and sits on the bathroom sink. Mollie likes to sit on the side of the bathtub, behind the shower curtain and bats at any movement . Cosmo will always lay down under my feet - and just sprawls out. But Cosmo is also my shadow cat. He does not want to be held, he just wants to lie down underneath my feet. I am always tripping over him - and he is so fast and quiet. I think that I have left him sleeping in the bedroom and I come out to the kitchen - and there he is... I think that he just doesn't want to be left out of any excitement!
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Depends on what I'm doing. If I've just come in, Rocky is my shadow till I finally sit down. If it involves food or water, Oliver is my shadow.
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Haha! Well at least my cat isn't the only shadow then. lol! My pc crashed today and I lost all of my pics, videos, etc. especially of my baby girls (my cats). I have a card recovery software program that I had to download and install again and did try to recover the pics but I had added new pics and videos to my memory cards and wasn't able to recover the pics and stupid me didn't save them on a disk or anything. I have a Dell pc and thought it would last longer than a year (got it a year ago). The people at Dell told me I had to reformat the hard drive and whatever else it did besides that and they told me I'd lose all of my stuff. So apparently couldn't save anything. So i'm very upset, sad, depressed, etc. that I lost all of it. Anyway, thanks so much for the replies!
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oh, yes - since i have multiple cats, i have multiple shadows - bathroom buddies, as i call them... sometimes i call them potty pals, too!
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I can't do anything without turning around and seeing my Skye there. She will even cry sometimes for me to follow her somewhere mostly to feed. If she is in the middle of eating and realizes I've stepped out she will come find me and let me know to come back out so I can sit there until she is done eating.
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Smudge has to be wherever I am. If I just go get something from the basement or upstairs or whatever, he has to come investigate. I think it's his curiousity - he doesn't really LIKE me that much, LOL!
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Originally Posted by temperpolk View Post
I can't seem to be able to post a picture of my babies. Is there a trick I don't know about???
most of us belong to an image hosting service, like photobucket. then you simply upload your pix there, then paste the code that begins w/ the [img] tag.
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I call them my kitty caravan. I will think I am alone then I turn around and three sets of eyes are looking back at me.
Seldon follows me the most. If I am on the couch he is resting behind my head. If I go to the bathroom he comes too. He is the only one that likes water. He likes to get a little wet when I shower.
Cleo likes to feverishly mark me from time to time by rubbing the side of his face against me.
Mary actually leaps on my shoulder as I walk around.

My cat that passed away was in a league of his own. He never left my side or may lap. I still miss him and I always will.
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Awww, "bathroom buddies" I have three of them. Prince, Sassy and Abby always, always comes to the bathroom w/me. Prince and Sassy lay on the bathroom counter and Abby lays on the rug. When I get up and leave they all follow behind. Nothing like having a audience when you have to go pee!! Now, Prince has to come into the bathroom when I shower, I can close the door, but he pushes it open and is always waiting on me when I pull the shower curtain back, there he is waiting!! Nothing like having a little company when you shower!!
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I have two shadows... one orange, one grey/black. I also refer to them as Velcro Kitties. JoJo sticks to me like glue... even if i leave the room for two seconds, she's right behind me...

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What is it with bathrooms and cats? Every single time I go into the bathroom Forrest will immediately be outside of the door. Even if I walk past him and he's sleeping soundly, as soon as the bathroom door closes he's there.

It's like he magically appears and little black paws and legs start to appear under the door.
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Beauty is my tortie shadow

I call her my furry shadow (my real shadow is not covered in fur so it's kind of a joke calling her a furry shadow)
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