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Not a breeder, but help!

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I'm not a breeder but I have a litter of rescued strays. My new momcat I adopted has 6 babies born March 12. I have been keeping track of the weights. Here are the stats:

You can see that Cuddles is in trouble. He nurses, but doesn't stay on the nipple long enough or he gets pushed off. I stay there and try to make sure that he stays on a nipple, but I am not with the mom and kittens 24/7. I tried KMR, but he won't take the bottle. I am going to try an eye dropper. I've got to get some weight on him or he will die soon.
Even though I'm not a breeder, can anyone in here help me? PM me for my email if you don't want to keep this thread going.
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Syringe feed (very fine, don't use the needle of course) or get the vet to teach you how to tube feed. You'll have to start from the very beginning, 2 ccs every 2-3 hours. Very sorry to say this but be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the reply! I haven't started the syringe feeding yet. I didn't go out today. I've stayed home and checked every hour or so and I've made sure that Cuddles nurses without interruption as often as possible. I am taking them all in to the vet tomorrow. If any syringe feeding is needed, the vet will be able to provide the supplies and teach me how.
The mom is wheezing a little today. I want to make sure that she gets treated if she has an infection. She is a rescued stray, so I don't know her background and I haven't been able to get her vaccinated yet because of the pregnancy. If they all make it through this, they will all be vaccinated, spayed and neutered.
Cuddles hasn't lost any more weight, but he hasn't gained either.
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I have absolutely no personal experience of this at all, but I have heard others recommend rubbing corn syrup or sugar water on the kitten's gums, this can give them a temporary energy boost and stimulate the suckling response. If the little one isn't thriving (and no weight gain today is not looking good, at that age they should be growing fairly rapidly) then anything is worth a go.

Do prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to lose the little guy though, alas it is a sad fact of nature that sometimes it just isn't meant to be - but don't give up on him yet either - anything is worth a go, see if you can get him feeding properly.
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Thank you.
He seems so lively, even though he's tiny, that I find it hard to believe I could lose him. I know it could happen, though. He really does like to nurse on his mother, I just can't figure out why it doesn't seem to be doing him much good.
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Its amazing what you can learn on this site!

Try putting him on Momma cats nipples near her front when his littermates are snoozing to get some extra goodness. I read that the front nipples put out better milk.

Fingers crossed for Cuddles.
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Thanks for the advice on this thread. Cuddles weighs 94g this morning. Although that is way less than the others, it is encouraging, especially since he did it on his own. I never could get KMR into him, so yesterday I left him and the others alone all day, because momcat was getting irritated at me for messing with the babies all the time. When I cam home in the evening, it looked like he might have gained a gram or two. This morning he was a good solid 94 on the scale. I think he will do OK. He's just a little runt!
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I sure hope he's just the runt. For little Cuddles and the rest of the litter and thanks to you for taking them in.

Oh, and we have boards for Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care and Caring for Strays and Ferals. Your likely to get more views and possibly more advice there I think.
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Good luck with your Cuddles - and all of the kittens! Keep us posted on how he is doing!
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Thanks everyone! Cuddles is actually doing much better now. He weighs about 102g now. That's still way behind his brothers and sisters, but he is coming around.
Here's a pic
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im not a breeder either, but i have experience, since i found my babyboy when he was 3-4wks old & had to bottle feed. he wouldnt take to the bottle either, not only bc he was just used to his mothers nipples, but the bottles nipple is hard & its really hard to get milk out of it, i literally had to poke a huge hole in it, & that wasnt enuff, i had to squeeze the bottle to get any into his mouth. it got to the point where i wasnt sure i did the right thing by taking him, but he had no mother, she abandoned him. & i thought he was gunna die. my bfs aunt is a nurse & gave me a syringe, which is definately the way to go if you have to supplement. & if needed the vet should definately help you out with getting some. you just have to make sure you put it in boiling water after every use to make sure its sterilized. also, i see he is very behind his siblings in his weight, even after he gained some on his own, so it really wont hurt him if you use a syringe to give him some xtra formula. he may be the runt of the litter, & that is mostly bc he gets pushed off the nipple by his siblings.
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I had a litter of tiny guys when a mom had an infection. We syringed them with corn syrup and water. then we syringed with lysine, interferon, yogurt, gerber rice cereal, and egg powder. You can use raw livers in place of interferon as well.
I recommend giving mom some wet food mixed with yogurt and lysine which you can get from several on line stores or your vet. If you aren't giving her extra protein and calcium, I suggest prenatal vitamins from your vet.

I am a siberian cat breeder but not a vet and this doesn't take the place of a vet, info is only offered as a suggestions, and that is my anti liability statement.
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