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Black plastic rubbish bags

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Do these bags annoy you as much as they do me? Specifically I am talking about the long plastic 'strings' that are attached to the bottom of each bag to tie them up. My cats love to chase them across the floor as I open the bags and I am always scared that someone will swallow a piece. I always find too that they are no earthly use for actually tying the bags, not being strong enough. So I tear them off before I use the bag and throw them inside. I still occasionally find one that has somehow escaped onto the floor. Am I being paranoid?
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No we had them too on the yellow bags that you can get from the council, it drives me nuts, because when we first moved to Dortmund, Teufel ate the string and luckly it all digested out!

They are both obsessted with plastic, Kaylee will chew on the bottom of the bags making a hole! Ohhh it drives me nuts!
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I have them on my Hefty garbage bags, and they work fine to tie the bag up (and even strong enough to lift a heavy bag and haul it out to the road!) Actually, I used to just tie the bag to itself, by pulling up the sides and tying it...but now I like the ties on the bags better. I can get more trash in the bag with the ties!
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Chester loves those things. But because they are a plastic coated wire, like you I worry that he will eat them and get sick.

Just the other day he tried to sneak one. When it comes to cords, ties, ribbon and string he is relentless. I have to keep all these things behind closed doors or in a drawer because if he gets them he will run off with it.

This is also one reason why I have a cordless mouse.
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We only use the real big black trash bags when we have a lot to haul out; like leaves and stuff in the fall. So fortunately, the girls don't see them much. Mooch is a plastic chewer though, and Noodles a string eater, so I have to keep an eye on them for those things all the time. I try to limit them or keep them where the girls can't get to them.
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